The Drumming Event Of The Year

The Drumeo Festival is designed to inspire you with legendary shows, surround you with a community of friends and family, and give you the chance to get closer than ever to many of your favorite drummers. It’s your chance to join 650 fellow drummers for two magical days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


What Drummers Are Saying

"It was very inspiring."

This was the most organized and well put together drum festival I’ve played in to date! Everything was done with impeccable integrity, class, joy and love for the craft & art of drumming. The audience was beautifully enthusiastic and attentive. It was very inspiring.

Cindy Blackman Santana

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"Top-shelf talent and a global audience"

Every healthy community needs an “MGE” — Major Gathering Event. I went to the first Modern Drummer festival as a kid in 1986 and in 2002, I was on stage myself. That MGE faded away and it’s left a hole in our drum community. Fast forward to 2020 and the circle is complete; I just played onstage the first Drumeo Festival in Vancouver. And, BAM!, just like that, the three day “MGE” we desperately needed, bringing top-shelf talent and a global audience together, was born. And I’m so glad my friends at Drumeo were the ones to do it! Here’s to many more years of the Drumeo Festival!

Tommy Igoe

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"Drumming's electronic pioneer & technique virtuoso dazzles with Nerve."

By stepping forward and presenting drummers in the natural habitat of their bands, the Drumeo Festival has raised the bar for other drumming events. Communication lies at the core of drumming, music and culture. And it's interaction with other musicians that drives the evolution of drumming as a living art-form. Congratulations!

Jojo Mayer

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"It was so HUGE!"

Drumeo set a new standard at their Festival in Vancouver! There was excitement, emotion, inspiration, education and all with a warm feeling of bringing drummers together! It was so HUGE! The 21st Century just got the boost it needed for drummers globally!

Dom Famularo

Drumeo Festival 2020 Host & Performer

"Nothing but pure joy."

It is not easy for me to find words enough to describe the amazing, great feeling at the first Drumeo Festival. From the organization to the hospitality, all the personnel involved, the theater, all the performers, technicians, sound, the superb audience it was nothing but pure joy. A beautiful vibe of camaraderie and passion was all over!!

Horacio “El Negro” Hernández

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"The lineup was amazing"

It’s great when people get it right, it’s amazing when they get it right the first time. Drumeo put on a truly great event with the Festival. The lineup was amazing, the organization flawless and smooth. It was a great mix of solo and band performances, education, and interaction. I had a blast and I hope to be back soon.

Benny Greb

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"Top 3 of my entire career"

Drumeo ... The Festival! Top 3 of my entire career, hands down! I’m looking forward to supporting the growth & evolution for years to come. Thank you for making North America special again. We appreciate you all!

Chris Coleman

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"Just incredible"

I had the pleasure and privilege of playing at the first Drumeo Festival ever and that was just incredible. At the end of each performance, all the drummers received a standing ovation. It is incredible to have an event for drummers, where the drummer is the main attraction. Thank you very much Jared and Dave and the entire Drumeo team.

Aquiles Priester

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer

"Extremely inspirational"

Performing at the Drumeo Festival with Vital Information was truly a joy. Playing for an appreciative audience is always a pleasure and the Drumeo audience in particular was extremely inspirational to play for! The Drumeo staff was very professional and oversaw every detail of our stay at the highest level. All the best with future Drumeo festivals.

Steve Smith

Drumeo Festival 2020 Performer