February 21-22, 2020
Vancouver, Canada

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10 world-class drum
performances in 2 days.

The inaugural Drumeo Festival will feature live masterclasses, performances,
and full-band shows with some of the best drummers in the world.

Jojo Mayer & Nerve

Technique Pioneer & Musical Innovator

Tommy Igoe & WIM Trio

Iconic Jazz Drummer & Clinician

Steve Smith & Vital Information

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Drummer (Journey)

Cindy Blackman Santana

Lenny Kravitz, Carlos Santana

Benny Greb
& Moving Parts

Prolific Drummer, Singer, & Clinician


Dom Famularo

Drumming’s Global Ambassador

Robert "Sput" Searight
& Ghost-Note

Percussion-Based Funk, Hip Hop, and Jazz Group

Anika Nilles

Composer, Clinician, YouTube Sensation

Chris Coleman

Beck, Stevie Wonder, Prince

Horacio "El Negro" Hernández

Carlos Santana, Michel Camilo

Aquiles Priester

Metal Drumming Virtuoso

The jaw-dropping
destination for drummers.


The inaugural Drumeo Festival will be worth bragging about, featuring individual & full-band performances from many of your favorite drummers -- all in an intimate venue where the audience becomes a part of the moment.


Get powerful insights during 60-minute masterclass sessions. Of course, we don’t expect you to remember every detail, so you can relax knowing that you’ll also get full recordings for every session.


You won’t just watch the legends, you’ll get to meet them too! The Drumeo Festival is designed to give you direct access to every artist with scheduled meet & greets and signing sessions.

*May not include all performers.

From Jared Falk, Drumeo Co-Founder & CEO

When I was 15 years old, I attended my first ever drum festival.

I had a teacher named Gio who was really connected into the local music scene and he knew all the ‘drum guys’ at the music stores. So when he invited me to the Vancouver International Drum Festival, I was thrilled to go, but also super nervous. The lineup featured superstars like Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio, Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Matt Cameron, and Jack DeJohnette.

I remember walking in and seeing thousands of people in the venue. And I couldn’t stop thinking: “these are ALL drummers”.

Dom Famularo came out for his opening talk. He has always been such a passionate speaker. I sat there in awe listening to every motivating word and thinking “this is where I belong”. And then I watched with my jaw on the floor as Simon Phillips seamlessly played both right and left hand-lead. Terry Bozzio came out, sat behind his kit, said a short prayer and then proceeded to play a 60-minute solo that was more like a musical composition. And then Horacio Hernández came out and as he played it felt like there were eight people drumming at the same time.

Going home after the festival, I felt like my life was changed forever. I remember getting behind my kit and playing my own 60-minute solo in honor of Mr. Bozzio. And even now as I look back, I still get inspired by the feeling at that event: the vibrant, positive energy, and the belief that I belonged to a community way larger than I’d ever imagined.

Fast-forward to today -- festivals are few and far between; music stores just don’t have the budgets to put on events like that anymore. And drum communities have changed, too. There’s a good chance that you know more drummers ‘online’ than you do in your local city -- especially if you’re a part of a community like Drumeo Edge where you can connect with other students and teachers from around the world, anytime.

It goes without saying that I’m a big believer in online education. It’s accessible, it connects you to a world of educators that would otherwise be impossible to learn from, and it’s affordable. But I also care deeply about building deeper relationships and experiencing musical performances.

You can watch a drum solo on YouTube and be amazed, but if you’re in the room for that very same solo it might just change your life. And you can chat with a fellow drummer online, but once you meet them in person you can forge a friendship that’ll inspire you forever.

So when I decided to create the Drumeo Festival, it was designed to give you the same feeling that I had when I first entered the festival hall as a 15 year old kid.

It’s crazy that Dom Famularo was the host back then and he’s also agreed to host the first ever Drumeo Festival as well. And Horacio Hernández is also going to perform. It’s all coming full circle. We’re going to have an AMAZING lineup of drummers. We’re busily preparing the final lineup with 10 total spots for the two-day event and some very special extras for the VIP attendees.

I hope you’ll join us so you can experience being in a room where you’re amazed, inspired, and can say without question that “this is where I belong”.

To Your Drumming Success,
Jared Falk

Key Details

February 21-22, 2020
10:00AM - 7:00PM

February 23rd, 2020
9:00AM - 4:30PM

Vancouver Playhouse
600 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sandman Hotel
Vancouver City Centre
180 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC

2020 Agenda

Here's exactly what's happening...








10:00 AM

10:35 AM

12:10 PM

1:35 PM

3:10 PM

5:15 PM

7:30 PM

Doors Open

Chris Coleman

Horacio Hernandez

Anika Nilles

Benny Greb & Moving Parts

** Featured Performance **
Tommy Igoe & WIM Trio

Doors Close

10:00 AM

10:35 AM

12:10 PM

1:45 PM

3:50 PM

6:05 PM

8:15 PM

Doors Open

Aquiles Priester

Cindy Blackman

Sput & Ghost-Note

Steve Smith

** Featured Performance **
Jojo Mayer & Nerve

Doors Close

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

12:30 PM

1:30 PM

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

5:30 PM

7:00 PM

Breakfast & Social

Tommy Igoe Masterclass


Jojo Mayer Masterclass


Dom Famularo Masterclass

Dinner with Drumeo

Drumeo Jam Night

Event Location

The Vancouver Playhouse is Vancouver’s most intimate performance venue, and was chosen for the Drumeo Festival because of its comfortable layout that closely connects the musicians to the audience.

It is located in the musical heart of the city, next to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre just blocks away from the Plaza of Nations, Robson Street, The Orpheum, and other popular Vancouver staples.

YVR - Vancouver International Airport 15 kms from Vancouver Playhouse

Your accommodations are not included with your ticket. We recommend the Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre.

Email: support@drumeo.com
Toll-Free: 1-800-439-8921
Direct: 1-604-855-7605

Reserved Seating

February 21-22, 2020
Reserved Seating
Two Amazing Days
10 Featured Performances
Meet & Greet Performers
Festival Recordings
Sold Out!

February 21-23, 2020
Reserved Seating (front 3 Rows)
Three Amazing Days
10 Featured Performances
Meet & Greet Performers
Festival Recordings
Festival Fast-Pass (early Access)
Bonus VIP Day
Private Masterclass With Jojo Mayer
Private Masterclass With Tommy Igoe
Private Masterclass With Dom Famularo
Drumeo Jam & Hangout
Private VIP Dinner With Performers
First-Access To VIP Tickets Next Year
VIP Drummer’s Swag Bag
Sold Out!

Any questions?
Call us toll-free at 1-800-439-8921
or directly at 1-604-855-7605.
All prices listed in USD.

Still Have Questions?

What does a Drumeo Festival ticket include?

The General Pass includes two full days of festival presentations (performances and masterclasses) and full access to recordings of every session. You'll also have the opportunity to meet most of the performers.

The VIP Experience includes priority seating for the main festival as well as an additional day of private masterclasses with Jojo Mayer, Tommy Igoe, and Dom Famularo -- as well as more socializing opportunities with Drumeo instructors with a private VIP dinner and jam night.

What else can I do while I'm visiting Vancouver, Canada?

Vancouver is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada -- featuring a competitive and creative arts scene, rugged natural beauty, and no shortage of things to do. And as one of Canada's most ethnically diverse cities, it's also features a wide variety of world-class restaurants to suit any palette.

Depending on the length of your stay, we would recommend:

  • Checking out the local music scene at venues including the Vogue Theatre, Commodore Ballroom, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, The Orpheum, Imperial Vancouver, or Frankie's Jazz Club.
  • Enjoying a stroll, or bike ride, around Stanley Park, Vancouver's 9-kilometre urban park with scenic views of the city, ocean, and mountains.
  • A trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge featuring a heart-stopping 700-foot journey along the granite cliffside and panoramic views of the rainforest and canyon below.
  • Visiting Granville Island to sample local arts and products, enjoy a meal by the water, and see a theater performance. And once you're done exploring, you can hop on the Vancouver Aquabus for a mini-cruise of the False Creek area.
  • Walking the Gastown area (which often feels like you're walking back in time), exploring award-winning restaurants, independent coffee shops, and stylish boutiques. And of course, you'll need to watch the Gastown steam clock, one of the only functioning steam-powered clocks in the world.

If you're planning a longer visit, you'll likely enjoy a trip up the Sea to Sky Highway towards Squamish and Whistler, both world-class outdoors destinations with a variety of activities for an adventurer.

How do I get to the event from the airport?

Option 1 - Taxi
A taxi to downtown Vancouver will cost you $32 CAD, not including gratuity, and is the simplest option (the airport has preset zone prices). There is no Uber or Lyft in Vancouver. There are usually plenty of taxis outside of both the international and domestic terminals -- and they'll quickly get you towards your final destination.

Option 2 - Skytrain
A skytrain will cost less than $10 CAD and is the most affordable option. You can take the Canada Line to Waterfront Station, and then transfer to the Expo Line. From there, you can get off on the Stadium Station-Chinatown, where you will pop out right by Rogers Arena, which is a short walk from both the hotel and venue.

Getting to the Canada Line from Vancouver International Airport (YVR)


  • Your checked bags are at Arrivals on Level 2 of the Domestic Terminal
  • On Level 3, walk toward the Link Building (located between the International and Domestic Terminal)
  • Follow the signs marked Canada Line or ask any of our Customer Care staff in red or green vests for assistance


  • Once through the customs and immigration arrivals process, walk toward the exit to our International Arrivals Greeting Area
  • Exit the building following signs marked Canada Line
  • Before the parkade entrance, an escalator and elevator will take you up to the Canada Line platform


  • YVR-Airport Station Eastbound Take train towards Waterfront Station - platform sign CANADA LINE TO WATERFRONT EXIT AT WATERFRONT STATION (last stop) (25 mins, 12 stops)
  • Waterfront Station Northbound Transfer to EXPO LINE TO KING GEORGE by following the hall to the main station area. After taking the escalator/elevator up to main station level, head to the left between the JUGO JUICE and STARBUCKS. After, head left and down the escalator to the EXPO LINE platform. Train will be on the RIGHT.
  • Waterfront Skytrain Take train towards Stadium Chinatown Station- platform sign EXPO LINE TO KING GEORGE EXIT STADIUM CHINATOWN STATION. (4 mins, 3 stops)

When should I plan to arrive for the event?

Doors will open on Friday, February 21st, at 10:00AM and the opening performance will begin at 11:00AM. So be sure to arrive either the night before or early enough in the morning to make the most of your experience!

Will there be shuttles between the hotel and the event?

No. Shuttles won't be necessary. The recommended hotel, the Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Center, is only 280 meters away from the event at the Vancouver Playhouse.

Do you provide food and drinks at the festival?

The festival does not include any food or drink, though there will be local vendors accessible and breaks for you to stay fueled.

I can't attend. Will live-streaming or recordings be available?

There will not be any live-streaming during the Drumeo Festival.

Can I get a refund on my ticket to the Drumeo Festival?

No refunds will be offered on any tickets (Super Early Bird tickets, Early Bird tickets, Regular tickets, or Last-Minute tickets) -- for either the General Pass or the VIP Experience -- but you have the option to transfer your ticket until January 31st, 2020.

For ticket transfers, you'll need to send an email to support@drumeo.com with your request. Ticket transfers do not include refunds of any kind, but simply transfer the ownership of the ticket to another individual. For a ticket transfer, you will need to provide the full name, phone number, and email address for the recipient of the ticket transfers. We will then move their information onto the ticket and confirm the transfer upon completion.