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Must-Know Rock Beats Image

Must-Know Rock Beats

Discover the straight rock beats that ALWAYS work — and that everyone should know — along with Todd’s advice for adding variations and texture within the grooves to make them your own.

Effective Drum Fills Image

Effective Drum Fills

The most effective rock drum fills are often much simpler than you’d think. Todd will share his toolkit of drum fills that EVERY rock drummer should be able to play like their life depended on it.

The Foundation Of Musicality Image

The Foundation Of Musicality

Todd will share the “Rosetta Stone of 2 & 4” so you can decipher ALL there is to play in 4/4 backbeat time — the foundation for becoming a musical drummer in a 20th century rock and roll context.

Bass Drum Combinations Image

Bass Drum Combinations

You’ll get extensive bass and double bass drum ideas that you can apply to a variety of musical situations, from more creative drum fills to creative hand/foot combinations and ending songs effectively.

Expressive Drum Solos Image

Expressive Drum Solos

Soloing gives you the opportunity to tell a story and make your own creative ideas come to life. Todd will give you the tools you need to orchestrate effective drum solos for a variety of musical situations.

Rhythmic Ear Training Image

Rhythmic Ear Training

Rock drumming is more than a learned motion. This course will help you train your ears to hear the patterns within the patterns — so you can explore your imagination for new rhythmic possibilities.

Better Hand Technique Image

Better Hand Technique

Get Todd’s best insights for improving your hand technique and natural motions for more speed, power, and longevity — from holding your sticks to cymbal techniques for creating the sounds and patterns you want.

Utilizing Ghost Notes Image

Utilizing Ghost Notes

Add more flavor to your drumming by exploring the ghost note possibilities that Todd utilizes in his own performances, whether it’s a flurry of audible notes or soft comments between the accents.

Drum Rudiment Orchestrations Image

Drum Rudiment Orchestrations

Add the most effective rudiment orchestrations and variations to your arsenal, with exercises that will help you internalize the patterns and express them more effectively on the drum set.

Shuffles And Variations Image

Shuffles And Variations

Explore the most useful rock shuffles throughout history and the different ways you can play them predicated on the style, tempo, bass drum patterns, and hand patterns you choose.

Linear Drumming Grooves Image

Linear Drumming Grooves

Linear drumming is where no two sound sources play at the same time. You’ll dive into Gary Chaffee style linear drumming that uses a number system for creating your own ideas and figures.

Exploring Your Creativity Image

Exploring Your Creativity

While you’ll explore the concepts that Todd uses in his own playing, you’ll be pushed to explore your own imagination and develop ideas that are uniquely YOURS (and have way more fun on the drums).


Get 26 weekly lessons with hand-picked exercises so you always
know exactly what to practice (and for exactly how long).

Weekly Lesson Plans

It’s easy to make progress when you know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

All Skill Levels

Each lesson will include tips for all levels - so any drummer can get practical results.

Guided Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with Todd Sucherman’s easy-to-follow video lessons.

More Effective Practice

Don’t waste your practice time. Only work on the right exercises, at the right time.

Personalized Support

Need help? No problem! Get your biggest questions answered every step of the way.

Lifetime Access

Even though it’s a structured 26-week course, you’ll have lifetime access for life.

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Is Your Drum Teacher

Alphabet Todd Sucherman has played more than 2000 rock shows — entertaining music fans around the world for more than 30 years. He’s been voted the “Best Rock Drummer” by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine and hailed as the “Best Drum Clinician” by the readers of DRUM! Magazine -- releasing multiple award-winning educational DVDs and enjoying a 20+ year tenure with the legendary rock band Styx.

And for the next six months, Todd will be sharing his “keys to the kingdom” with students around the world through The Rock Drumming Masterclass — a 26-week course that will give you the confidence you need to play ANY rock music you want.

“I’m going to give you one new lesson each week, for 26 weeks, so you always know exactly what to practice, for exactly how long, without any guesswork”, Todd explains. “And unlike other online masterclasses, you are going to be able to rack my brain — asking me any question you have along the way and getting my personal feedback to help you overcome any obstacles and see real improvements in your playing.”

Students will receive weekly videos with unique exercises and assignments for each skill level — so whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you will be challenged in different ways to improve your skills and become the best rock drummer you can possibly be.

“I won’t just share my own style of playing rock,” Todd explains, “I’ll also show you how to express your own musical style and create your own identity on the drums. You will see results.”

The Rock Drumming Masterclass is delivered through the award-winning Drumeo platform, where you can access your weekly videos and assignments using any internet-ready computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And while Todd will be personally supporting your journey for the entire 26-week masterclass, you’ll also have unlimited lifetime access to all of the videos and assignments.

Just click any of the big buttons on this page to take the first step towards making 2019 your best year ever on the drums.

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"Todd Sucherman is one of the
greatest rock drummers of our time."

Will CalHoun

Will Calhoun
(Living Colour)

"Todd Sucherman is a great drummer. Although he’s most known for playing Rock-n-Roll, he possesses the facility and knowledge to play any style of music at a high level."

Dave Discenso

Dave DiCenso
(Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music)

"Todd Sucherman is one of the greatest rock drummers of our time. Brains, brawn, heart and soul - he has 'em all!"

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips
(Toto, The Who, Judas Priest)

"Whenever I get the opportunity to hear Todd play I am struck by his preciseness and musicality no matter what the musical setting might be."

Matt Garska

Matt Garstka
(Animals as Leaders)

"Todd Sucherman is a legend. He is super clean, musical and really knows what he's doing. This polished playing only comes about after decades of touring and practice."

Dave Dattacks

Dave Mattacks
(Fairport Convention)

"I’m happy to endorse my chum Todd with this splendid Drumeo course. Wherever you are along your drumming path, I can honestly say that “Todd hardly ever wrecks the music.” Seriously though! You’re in great hands here— double entendre intentional!"

Gary Husband

Gary Husband
(Jazz & Rock drummer, pianist, and bandleader.)

"It’s always just right-across-the-border drums excellence with Todd! Every time! No matter what the music. It’s the musician he is, primarily, also the warm spirit and how benevolent he is. The taste, the articulation, the feeling, his amazing sound ... all icing on an already delicious cake."


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You can unlock the full 26-week course today to get Todd Sucherman’s masterclass for improving your skills — all for just $7.58 per week (billed at $197 for the entire course).

The entire course is yours for life with no recurring subscription or additional fees.

What past students are saying about
Todd & the Rock Drumming Masterclass.

"If you’ve ever wondered “how do they do THAT?!”"

If you've seen a drummer live, or have heard fills or drum parts and wondered, "How the hell does he do that?", well, it's explained in Rock Drumming Masterclass. You'll find out it's easier than you think.

Every week there's an "ah-ha!" moment to learn from. Todd shares 40 years of drumming expertise within a few months of lessons. There's nothing you can't practice or work on for the rest of your life. If there's a drum fill or phrase I need to work out and learn, I know where to go in the lessons. The information is there, word for word from Todd himself.

Todd will tell you point-blank what you've probably been doing wrong, and then show you how to correct it. There are several instances when he says, "This is the only way to do it properly", and I wish someone had shown me these things years ago.

Alan Shaffer

Alan Shaffer
Texas, USA

"My drumming and musicianship is finally unlocked!"

It feels like life is now unlocked for all that it has to offer musically. It’s amazing to realize all the possibilities we have when playing the drums! Todd gave interesting tips that helped me understand how my body works, particularly when I learned that the moment we change the sticking, we change the melody. You will enjoy the ride with Todd. With his help, reaching your goals will be easier.

Pamm Cobo

Pamm Cobo

"I was skeptical about online instruction."

I was skeptical about online instruction, but this has made me a believer. I’m now looking at drumming as a continuous learning journey as opposed to an ‘instant cure.’ Todd takes a no fluff, straight-to-the-point, no-magic-pill approach, which I really appreciate! I love the fact that you can continuously reference previous lessons, slow or speed up tempos, and see the instructor break it all down.

Rob Scalici

Rob Scalici
Michigan, USA

"I was squeezing my drum sticks too much."

Rock Drumming Masterclass was a breath of fresh air. I was squeezing too much on the sticks before, and fixing that has made such a difference. After 25 years as a full time drumming professional, I’m already using the techniques learned here with my own students. The course is wonderfully conceived, well produced, and highly informative. It’s given me a new perspective!

Shawn Preston

Shawn Preston
Pennsylvania, USA

"I can play just about anything on the fly!"

The really powerful thing about Rock Drumming Masterclass is that while each lesson focuses on very specific things, you’ll notice how they’re all connected as your playing evolves. Now when I start jamming along to a song, I can play just about any sticking or fills on the fly. My hands seem to know how to resolve patterns without thinking. This course proves that with the right material and some honest work and discipline, you can vastly improve your musicianship!

Dear future students: if you choose RDM, you will be given the keys to open some very important doors in your musical career. It will not only change how you play, but how you learn, too! I can’t think of another class that offers you as many crucial tools to become a seriously great drummer. Don’t pass up this chance!

Michael Malo

Michael Malo
Quebec, Canada

"This is my road map for getting better."

Step by step, Todd ‘peels the onion’. Step by step, each week builds on the prior week. He comes off as a relatable teacher who's been where we are and remembers that - not someone who’s looking down his nose at us. I now have a road map to follow to get better. That's the simple truth. Rock Drumming Masterclass is the gift that will keep on giving.

Robert Abraham

Robert Abraham
California, USA

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