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Jared Falk will be your personal drum coach for 26 weeks - as you’ll follow his step-by-step lesson plan for developing all four limbs on the drums. You’ll get the right exercises in the right order so you’ll rapidly improve your skills (just like when you started playing).


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This is the ONLY drumming course that will actually get easier to complete as you go along - making it easier to stay motivated, easier to enjoy your practice time again, and easier to actually COMPLETE the full course and reach your personal goals!


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Reaching your goals is all about having a clear vision and a simplified plan to get there! Independence Made Easy is your path to playing more musical grooves, your guide for better sounding fills, and your opportunity to play whatever you want, whenever you want!


Gain instant, lifetime access to Jared Falk’s step-by-step lessons, hand-picked exercises,
and detailed practice guides that have already helped more than 3500 happy students!

Weekly Lesson Plans

It’s easy to make progress when you know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

All Skill Levels

Each lesson will include tips for all levels - so any drummer can improve their results.

Guided Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with Jared Falk’s easy-to-follow video lessons.

More Effective Practice

Don’t waste your practice time. Only work on the right exercises, at the right time.

Personalized Support

Need help? No problem! Get your biggest questions answered every step of the way.

Lifetime Access

Even though it’s a structured 26-week course, you’ll have unlimited access for life.

Your Clear Path, Frustration-Free
Guide To Better Drumming!

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So often when drummers want to improve their independence, they’re willing to try anything to increase their skills and abilities: so they purchase books, videos, and practice for hours and hours with very little progress.

What doesn’t seem to work well is a 200-page book that’s loaded with exercises and patterns. Not only is it de-motivating, but you’ll too often find yourself confused about what to practice (and for how long, when to move on, and what to do next).

Independence Made Easy is different. It doesn’t start easy, but it’s a personally guided drumming course that I’ve designed to get easier and easier while helping you in three ways:

Path 1


...with weekly video lessons, tips, and exercises that are structured to give you a clear-path for making real improvements and achieving measurable results.

Path 2


...with more enjoyable practice routines and exercises that are structured for rapid improvement. (Remember, just like when you first started playing drums!)

Path 3

UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY you improve your hands and feet - so you’ll be able to play more musical drum grooves, better sounding fills, and putting it all together as a more confident drummer!

And as an Independence Made Easy student, you’ll never be alone! You’ll be able to connect with an incredible community of students from around the world who are working through the very same course as you, with a clear-path for improving your skills.

I hope you’ll join me to become the drummer you’ve always wanted to be,

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Co-Founder of

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Author of Successful Drumming

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Best Drum Educator, Rhythm Magazine

What Drummers Are
About Jared Falk

Billy Cobham

Legendary Jazz Fusion Drummer

Drumeo is the real deal folks! Jared Falk and his team have my confidence and support in what is done to promote music through the art of drumming and percussion. It is absolutely imperative for the student of the art to SEE, HEAR and EMULATE every lesson that is presented by the instructor. This is accomplished when studying lessons at Drumeo - a good place to study and realize one’s dreams.

Casey Cooper

Most Subscribed Drummer On YouTube

After years of watching Jared's lessons on YouTube and Drumeo, and getting to work side by side with him, I can confidently say that he gives every bit of his effort and skill into every product or lesson he teaches. He cares about each and every drummer who will watch and learn from his work and wants nothing more than to change drumming education for the better each time he puts his name on something.

Gabor Dornyei

Educator, Clinician, & Session Drummer

Working with Jared, Dave and the entire Drumeo team has been a life changing experience. These guys are not only the nicest people on Planet Earth, but the most focused and well prepared professionals, who work with infectious smiles on their faces and make you feel and sound the very BEST you can!

Anika Nilles

Drummer & Composer

Jared Falk has a comprehensive expert knowledge in providing and structuring lesson plans. He has a great human sense and knows how to handle, host and guide a lesson. It certainly didn’t come overnight. It’s more that he grew over the years to an expert and a professional instructor who really knows how to teach.

David Garibaldi

Drummer for Tower Of Power

The Drumeo standard is one of the highest quality and is THE place to go for the best in drum education!

Rich Redmond

Drummer for Jason Aldean

I always look forward to working with Jared and his team. The Drumeo family has created a world class site for continuing education and insight into the world of drumming!

Sean Browne

Product Manager, Yamaha Drums

Drumeo does, through no shortage of sweat and passion for the instrument, elevate the online experience for novice and advanced drummers alike. On behalf of Yamaha Drums International, we congratulate Drumeo for the inspiration they evoke and the professionalism they present.

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Guarantee Badge

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience on the drums. And that means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your Independence Made Easy experience. So click any of the big buttons on this page to get started risk-free. If it’s not for you, simply contact us within 90 days for a full refund.

Jared Falk’s 26-Week Online
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Normally $197 Only $19.70 (Save 90%)
** 90-Day Guarantee **

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