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The ultimate guide to playing
electronic dance music on the drums.

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The band wants to play a song that originally had a fully produced drum beat. Now it’s up to you to recreate it on a drum set. But every time you try, it sounds like the power is out.

This is the problem drummers face more & more. And who’s to blame? Electronic Dance Music.

From the moment Darude’s Sandstorm dominated the airwaves, the thickly produced drum beats of Electronic Dance Music have become the new standard for drummers to live up to.

You can fight it, or you can embrace it.

Go behind enemy lines and befriend the genre that has revolutionized the role of drumming in popular music.


Energy-Building Fills

Drum fills are used by producers every day to build energy before the drop or chorus of the song. And while they get to program it, WE need to play it. You’ll learn how to create effective risers with simple drum fills that start softly, build, and crescendo — creating a powerful experience for your audience.

Hand-Clapping Beats

The feel of the kick & snare makes a drum beat feel complete. You’ll learn how to create an effective four-on-the-floor beat with your kick to make people move, add the hi-hat to make people clap, and bring in the snare to lead to the climax of the song.

Musical Grooves

Your hi-hat technique will determine the feel of your grooves — and you’ll learn how to make effective adjustments between single strokes, ghost notes, and accents. PLUS you’ll get seven must-know hi-hat patterns to play on top of your kick & snare.

10 EDM

Unlock 10 Styles Of Electronic Music

Electrify Your Drumming will teach you the tools and styles of electronic dance music — so you can build energy with risers, lock-in with the vocals, add power to your beats and fills, create a climax in the music, and ultimately fuel any song with your playing — giving you valuable skills that will apply to every style of music.



Michael Schack has done it all. He’s played massive festival stages, small clubs, and concert venues around the world. He’s crushed it online with jaw-dropping performances on YouTube and entertaining mashup mixes and singles on Spotify.

And more than a performer, he’s also a clinician and teacher who knows how to translate his insights to deliver practical results for students. He’s been nominated for several “Best Clinician/Demonstrator” awards as a touring clinician for Roland Drums — and his instructional debut on Drumeo in 2013 went bonkers with 226,000 views. Since then, Michael’s become one of our most popular teachers — creating more than 80 videos for Drumeo students on every topic you’d need to energize your performances.

And now, the ULTIMATE SCHACK PACK is here — giving you direct access to the mad scientist of energy so your drumming will always make a lasting impression.


The Ultimate Guide To Playing Electronic Music

Electrify Your Drumming is loaded with 84 videos and 11 hours of content — the ultimate guide
to electronic drums that’ll help you turn EVERY performance into an unforgettable show!

You’ll always know what to watch & practice to see results, with specific assignments for every lesson.

The best part about improving your skills is actually playing music - so we’ve included 23 play-alongs!

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been playing for years, you’ll get step-by-step lessons that work.

These lessons NEVER expire. Watch them again, and again, and again… (you get the point).

Start your first lesson today with 24/7 online access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Join a community of students & teachers — ask questions, share your successes, and have fun!

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90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We love our students. And we always want you to have an amazing experience on the drums. So to make sure you LOVE your drum lessons, Electrify Your Drumming is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t love the lessons, just contact us within 90-days and contact support for a full refund.

The ultimate guide to playing
electronic dance music on the drums.

ONLY $197 $79. (SAVE 60%) 90-DAY GUARANTEE

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