Protect your ears + play your favorite songs.

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Whether you’re playing acoustic or electronic drums, sealing in the sound while protecting your ears is crucial.
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Drumeo EarDrums are professional in-ear headphones that help you:
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Catch every detail.

Triple driver headphones (that means 3 tiny speakers) give you a full range of sound — from low kick drums to high cymbal shots.

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Seal in the sound.

Drumeo EarDrums reduce external volume by up to -29dB. That means you can play hard while protecting your ears.

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Go anywhere.

Your EarDrums are meant to be used. Take them anywhere with a handy carrying case + extra tips for a perfect fit every time.

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You don’t need to be an arena drummer to use in-ear monitors.

In fact, with more and more drummers using e-kits and taking lessons online, in-ear monitors have become a go-to practice tool for drummers of ALL skill levels.

By reducing volume by up to -29db, in-ear monitors will save your ears from ambient drum noise AND allow you to listen to your music quieter.

What are students saying?

“I have really small ears and I am REALLY picky about sound.”

I have to say I was doubtful. I have some more expensive in-ear monitors and I have really small ears and I am REALLY picky about sound. I was 100% blown away – deep rich bass response, nice clear mids and highs and amazing fit, and best of all no ear fatigue! I was also pleasantly surprised at the nice compact package that fits into a pocket or purse to take with me and keep things all in one place. Lots of selection for ear tips and a nice cleaner all part of the package for an amazing price. If I had listened to the sound alone I would have expected them to cost a lot more than they do. I use mine every day and recommend them to everyone I talk to!

Joy B

Joy B

“No more harsh-sounding headphones for drumming.”

I’ve been rocking EarDrums and like them. It’s great to have a lot of low end without having the bass or kick drum get muddy. They are very comfortable and I enjoy them. No more harsh-sounding headphones for drumming – and no more guessing where the bassist is going! I also like the high-end roll-off – this prevents listening fatigue AND protects your hearing if you like to listen loudly.

Lauri V

Lauri V.

“Definitely felt the Drumeo in-ears are a step up.”

I used these in a show the other night for the first time and really enjoyed them! Definitely felt the Drumeo in-ears are a step up from the KZ Pro 10s. The sound quality is competitive with KZs, but Drumeo in-ears are much more comfortable to me.

David G

David G

“The isolation tips do a good job of cutting sound while still comfy.”

I love these things! Great sound and a good selection of tips for various needs/uses. The isolation tips do a good job of cutting sound while still comfy. Not only great for drum monitoring but all around music enjoyment.



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logo-white Standard
Driver Type 2 dynamic drivers + 1 BAs 1 Dynamic Driver Single 40mm Driver
Frequency Range 18Hz - 22kHz 19Hz - 20kHz 18Hz - 22kHz
Sound Isolation -29 dB 0 dB 0 dB
Impedance (at 1khz) 18 Ω ~23 Ω ~47 Ω
Sensitivity (at 1khz) 97 dB 109 dB 96 dB
Built For Drummers Yes No No

In-ears by drummers
for drummers.

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included with your Drumeo EarDrums.
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Protect your ears +
play your favorite songs.

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