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Whats New
The Drumeo EarDrums have helped 14,000 drummers protect their ears and play their favorite songs. We took your feedback and made a classic even better:
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    Better Connections.

    An upgraded 2-pin cable connection guarantees you can hear your music in any situation.

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    Miniature Road Case.

    The big little upgrade. Your EarDrums now include a custom miniature road case – built to take anything you (accidentally) throw at it.

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    Extra Cable.

    You’ll also be covered with a backup braided cable – keep it in your travel bag or at your kit to save you mid-show.

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    Back In Black.

    You’ll look like a pro wearing in-ear monitors in all-new triple black – the official color of touring drummers everywhere.

Drums Are Loud
Whether you’re playing acoustic or electronic drums, sealing in the sound while protecting your ears is crucial.

Drumeo EarDrums are professional in-ear headphones that help you:

Catch every detail.

Triple driver headphones (that means 3 tiny speakers) give you a full range of sound -- from low kick drums to high cymbal shots.

Seal in the sound.

Drumeo EarDrums reduce external volume by up to -29dB. That means you can play hard while protecting your ears.

Go anywhere.

Your EarDrums are meant to be used. Take them anywhere with a handy carrying case + extra tips for a perfect fit every time.

Not just for the pros

You don’t need to be an arena drummer to use in-ear monitors.

In fact, with more and more drummers using e-kits and taking lessons online, in-ear monitors have become a go-to practice tool for drummers of ALL skill levels.

By reducing volume by up to -29db, in-ear monitors will save your ears from ambient drum noise AND allow you to listen to your music quieter.

Everything you love about
the original EarDrums…

“I have really small ears and I am REALLY picky about sound.”
Joy B

Joy B

“No more harsh-sounding headphones for drumming.”
Lauri V

Lauri V.

“Definitely felt the Drumeo in-ears are a step up.”
David G

David G

“The isolation tips do a good job of cutting sound while still comfy.”


and more.

Find your fit.

A perfect seal is critical. That’s why your EarDrums include 9 different fits across 3 different configurations. From expanding memory foam to double-layer silicon, you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

3 sizes included.

Memory Foam

3 sizes included.


3 sizes included.

The difference
you can Hear text


logo-white Standard
Driver Type 2 dynamic drivers + 1 BAs 1 Dynamic Driver Single 40mm Driver
Frequency Range 18Hz - 22kHz 19Hz - 20kHz 18Hz - 22kHz
Sound Isolation -29 dB 0 dB 0 dB
Impedance (at 1khz) 18 Ω ~23 Ω ~47 Ω
Sensitivity (at 1khz) 97 dB 109 dB 96 dB
Built For Drummers Yes No No

What’s in the box?


30 Days Of Free Drum Lessons With Your EarDrums.

Play your favorite songs, study with your favorite teachers, and find your next breakthrough on the drums.

Your Drumeo EarDrums include 30 days of unlimited drum lessons. You’ll have sheet music for 6000+ famous drum songs, step-by-step lessons with award-winning drummers, and playalongs in every style and tempo.

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Protect your ears +
play your favorite songs.
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