Improve your rudiments & stickings on the fly. (SAVE 25%)
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Run your rudiments anytime day or night & develop silky-smooth hands on the kit.

The Better Hands Bundle includes the P4 Practice Pad – the only practice pad that simulates the feels of a REAL drum set – fresh drumsticks, and the all NEW Easy Rudiments book.

You’ll learn drumming’s most practical 15 rudiments (and have play along tracks to practice with!).

You’ll have everything you need to improve your hands around the drums.

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Easy Rudiments
Normally $29.99 FREE SHIPPING
Easy Rudiments is your simplified guide to learning the 15 rudiments you’ll actually use on a drum set. Plus, you’ll know HOW and WHY to learn them in the first place.

The P4 Practice Pad
Normally $79 FREE SHIPPING
The P4 Practice Pad is the most versatile practice pad in the world -- with four different playing surfaces to replicate different parts of the drum set. When you’re running rudiments & stickings at the pad, you’re still getting the various feels of your drum set.

Vater Drumeo 5A Drumsticks
Normally $12.95 FREE SHIPPING
Our new Drumeo 5A Drumsticks by Vater – made of hickory for strength and durability, featuring up to 2X the moisture content than most manufacturers for longer lasting sticks, and personally hand-rolled by Alan Vater to ensure they’re weighted and tone-matched to perfection.

Drumeo PadStand
Normally $79 FREE SHIPPING
Practice anywhere with perfect height and ergonomics. The PadStand turns your practice pad into the ultimate drummer’s practice companion.