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The ultimate crash course to playing more creative &
more musical drum fills
your audience will love!

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The one thing all legendary
drum fills have in common…

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I’m sure you’ve heard many of the most memorable drum fills before: air drumming before the words “I can feel it coming in the air tonight”, or getting pumped up during the opening of “Wipeout” by The Surfaris (the most popular surf song ever), or experiencing Jeff Porcaro’s perfectly designed hook in Toto’s “Africa”.

There’s one thing that ALL of these legendary drum fills have in common: the patterns and orchestrations perfectly compliment the song.

Unfortunately, most drummers play a handful of drum fills on autopilot - without giving much thought to the musical application. But there’s a big difference between drum fills that simply fill space while transitioning to another part of the song… and drum fills that amplify the music and leave a lasting impression.

And in just four weeks — while following a carefully organized plan — you can exchange your boring ol’ played-out fills with better drum fills your audience will LOVE!

Go beyond filling space
with your drum fills

Better Drum Fills

So what does a better drum fill
even mean? It’s that moment when...

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Impress Your Family show your spouse a new fill and they ask: “how do you know what drum to hit and when?”

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Move The Crowd

...the band breaks for two bars before the chorus and you insert the most perfectly executed drum fill that’s met with resounding cheers from the crowd.

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Shock Your Band

...the bass player looks at you with amazement, wondering what you did differently this time.

Stop memorizing & start creating!

Get four weekly lesson plans with hand-picked exercises so can go
beyond memorizing drum fills one at a time.

Memorize text

You can grab some sheet music of different drum fills and work your way through the patterns and orchestrations — memorizing new drum fills as you continue to play. And that’s fine, most drummers do this for years and slowly add to their arsenal one pattern at a time.

This is NOT what’s covered in this training program.

Create text

You can study the foundations of a drum fill: the purpose, the lengths, the motions, the combinations, and the vocabulary — so you can create effective drum fills on the fly. You’ll gain the ability to adapt to the music, the audience, and the setting for a more impactful musical experience.

This is what we’ll cover through four weeks of lessons.

It’s easy to make progress when you know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Each lesson includes tips for all skill levels - so any drummer can improve their drum fills.

Your video lessons are accessible with any internet-ready computer, tablet, or phone.

Need help? Our teachers will always be available to answer your questions, big or small.

Even though it’s a structured four-week course, you’ll have unlimited access for life.

You’ll get a 90-day guarantee to make sure you love your lessons and improve your skills.


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Four Weeks To Better Drum Fills is not a magical pill that’ll turn you into a world-class drummer in four weeks, but you will get four simple weekly lesson plans that will give you almost-immediate improvements in your creativity and drum fill applications.

You will start a new journey — one that will last a lifetime — for understanding the purpose of a drum fill, the ideas behind constructing and orchestrating something that sounds great, and learning how to apply effective drum fills within real music.

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Jared Falk

Your Personal
Drum Teacher

"The Drumeo standard is one of the highest quality and
is THE place to go for the best in drum education!"
David Garibaldi
David Garibaldi

Tower Of Power

Bold Jared Falk has been creating online drum lessons since before YouTube even existed!

Back in 2003, Jared partnered with one of his private drum students to create simple websites with drum articles, video tutorials, and community discussion forums. As online drum lessons transitioned to becoming a full-time job, Jared launched several step-by-step DVD packs including the One-Handed Drum Roll, Bass Drum Secrets, and The Rock Drumming System.

As video streaming started to improve and websites like YouTube gained traction, Jared launched in 2007 and built a massive library of drum lessons on YouTube. And through these platforms, Jared has become the world’s most-watched drum teacher with his YouTube lessons alone reaching more than 50 million views — including his “How To Play Drums” video that has helped more than 6 million drummers.

In 2012, Jared co-founded as “The Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience”, giving drum students the opportunity to learn from the best drummers and teachers in the world through step-by-step courses, live video drum lessons, play-along songs, personalized lesson plans, and community support.

Drumeo has since been voted as “The Best Educational Website” by the readers of DRUM! Magazine for three consecutive years, “The Best Educational Product” by the readers of Modern Drummer magazine, and Jared was awarded “The Best Drum Educator” by Rhythm Magazine.

Four Weeks To Better Drum Fills isn’t something Jared’s created on his own. He’s had the opportunity to study with the world’s best drummers, hosting lessons with them, and picking their brains on how they approach their drumming — and this course includes the takeaways he’s gained from these experiences, applied to his own drumming, and is now sharing with drummers to help you unlock the ability to play whatever fills you want.

Anika Nilles

"Jared Falk has a comprehensive expert knowledge in providing and structuring lesson plans. He has a great human sense and knows how to handle, host and guide a lesson."

Anika Nilles

Drummer & Composer

Billy Cobham

"Jared Falk and his team have my confidence and support in what is done to promote music through the art of drumming and percussion."

Billy Cobham

Legendary Jazz Fusion Drummer

Casey Cooper

"After years of watching Jared's lessons on YouTube and Drumeo, and getting to work side by side with him, I can confidently say that he gives every bit of his effort and skill into every product or lesson he teaches."

Casey Cooper

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Guarantee Badge

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience on the drums. And that means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your Four Weeks To Better Drum Fills experience. So click any of the big buttons on this page to get started risk-free. If it’s not for you, simply contact us within 90 days for a full refund.

The ultimate crash course to playing more creative &
more musical drum fills
your audience will love!


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