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Learn the drums
Improve your timing
Boost your creativity
Learn the drums
Improve your timing
Boost your creativity
Learn the drums
Improve your timing
Boost your creativity
Learn the drums
Improve your timing
Boost your creativity
Learn the drums
Improve your timing
Boost your creativity

with daily guided workouts.

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class starting September 5th.
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Your Skills

Every Day

By Doing


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September 5th

Enrollment is closed.

Course Dates
September 5th to October 5th

10 minutes/day for 30 days.

Play your favorite songs
with excellent timing & feel.

Flexible lesson times to fit any schedule
PLUS you get lifetime access!

Learn the drums by
playing the drums.

It’s all about repetition.

Drumming is simple motions repeated over and over to create, you guessed it, RHYTHM! In this one-month class, you’ll build your musical skills following 10-minute daily guided drum workouts. By focusing on timing & coordination, you’ll learn the skills to play hundreds of your favorite pop & rock songs on the drums.

Plus, you’ll have a weekly LIVE session with your instructor, Domino Santantonio – to ask your questions, stay motivated, and make sure you’re having FUN playing the drums.

Scroll down to watch the trailer and save your seat in the first-ever 30-Day Drummer class.
30-Day Drummer is a NEW way to learn the drums – where you learn by actually playing the drums. By focusing on timing & coordination, you’ll build your skills over thirty days following daily guided workouts with your instructor, Domino Santantonio.

And the best part is you only need 10 minutes per day.

Know exactly what to practice.

30-Day Drummer gives you guided play-along workouts every day for thirty days. You’ll know exactly what to work on every time you sit at the drums or practice pad.

Focused practice time.

Each exercise includes a countdown timer that tells you exactly how long to practice for. This means you can turn off all distractions and focus on your drumming.

Focused practice time.
Your questions answered.

Your questions answered.

You won’t be left hanging. Domino will be answering your questions every Saturday to make sure you keep moving forward (and have as much as possible!).

Lifetime access.

30-Day Drummer can become part of your practice routine forever. You’ll have lifetime access to ALL the workouts and Q&A sessions from your class to access anytime you like.

Lifetime access.


Performance review by Domino!

You can submit a video of yourself performing for the chance to get personalized tips & feedback from Domino herself.

Daily guided drum workouts
Weekly LIVE Q&A workshops
Flexible weekly schedule
Ongoing motivation & support
Guaranteed results

Get LIVE support
every step of the way.

If you have questions about your lessons, you can ask your instructor at each week’s LIVE Q&A event. Domino will be there to help you through any sticking points and keep you motivated to complete the full course. designed for:

New Drummers

If you’re picking up drums for the first time, 30-Day Drummer is perfect for you. From lesson one, you’ll be learning skills to help you play with REAL music.

Returning Drummers

Get BACK into drumming by focusing on timing & feel. You’ll build a strong foundation to play your favorite songs with confidence.

Experienced Drummers

If you already play the drums, 30-Day Drummer will help you revisit the fundamentals. You’ll be focusing on beginner beats but playing them with precision.

Other Musicians

Learning the drums can help existing musicians improve their rhythm. You’ll skip the theory and get right into playing the drums with music from day one.

Playing makes perfect.

For less than the cost of monthly private lessons you’ll get a 30 day program to transform your drumming.


Style 24 Play-along Workouts In-person Self-Directed Self-Directed
Live 4 LIVE Q&As Yes Sometimes No
Length 30 Days Open Ended Open Ended Open Ended
Access Lifetime Access One-time Varies Lifetime
Guarantee 90 days No Varies No
Investment $97 $50-$100
per lesson


30-Day Drummer is a daily guided workout program for drummers — where you’ll get a new video each weekday and a live session each weekend throughout the month. Because of this, students will not be able to join midway — and you need to register before the course begins.

Domino Santantonio

Domino Santantonio is one of the world’s most viewed drummers.

And she’s achieved this with her engaging & supportive style of drumming – always smiling and reminding you why playing the drums is so fun & healthy. Who better to jumpstart your drumming progress?

Plus, Domino is also your personal guide through the course.

At the end of every week, you’ll have a Q&A session with Domino where you can ask her any questions you had during the lessons.







What drummers are saying:

Larnell Lewis
Grammy-winner, Snarky Puppy
“Domino’s passion for drumming is infectious! It’s a great reminder that all we need is a love for music and drums to get started!”

Matt McGuire
The Chainsmokers
“I genuinely enjoy watching Domino play, you can see the pure love for what she does. This program not only provides education, I'm sure you'll be entertained throughout the process.”

Dorothea Taylor
The Godmother Of Drumming,
Educator for 50+ years

“Domino plays drums with high energy & passion which shows how much fun playing drums can be.”

Jared Falk
Drumeo Co-Founder
“Every-time I watch and listen to Domino Santantonio play drums I smile. She plays with joy, teaches with passion, and inspires drummers to take action.”

Your brain on drums.

The evidence is piling up.

Playing the drums is one of the healthiest activities you can perform for your brain – showing signs of boosting happiness, intelligence, and overall well being. 30-Day Drummer will help you tap into the benefits of playing the drums with a guided plan and flexible schedule.

“Research by the Royal College of Music has found that drumming has a positive impact on mental health, with a 10-week programme of group drumming reducing depression by as much as 38% and anxiety by 20%.”

“Music is good for the health. And drumming may be best of all. As well as being physically demanding, it requires people to synchronize their limbs and to react to outside stimuli”

“Drummers scored higher on an intelligence test and showed a correlation between using multiple limbs to keep a steady beat and a natural ability to problem solve.”

Your favorite drum
course, guaranteed.

30-Day Drummer is a NEW way to learn the drums – and for less than a month of private lessons, you’ll enjoy frustration-free progress to improve your timing, coordination, and musicality.

We think it’ll be your favorite drum course ever –

So even though it’s only a month, you’ll get three full months to go through everything and make sure it was right for you. If not, just contact our friendly support team for a full refund.

24 Guided Workouts
4 Live Q&A Sessions
Lifetime Course Access

Learn drums by playing drums with Domino Santantonio

Join 8,620 drummers who’ve already registered.

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