Learn drum chops
Improve your speed
Boost your creativity
Learn drum chops
Improve your speed
Boost your creativity
Learn drum chops
Improve your speed
Boost your creativity
Learn drum chops
Improve your speed
Boost your creativity
Learn drum chops
Improve your speed
Boost your creativity

with daily guided workouts.

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June 5th to July 5th

10 minutes/day for 30 days.

Play tasty linear groove & fill chops.

Flexible lesson times to fit any schedule
PLUS you get lifetime access!

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Unlock your speed & creativity around the drums.

Drum chops–

Everybody wants them, but nobody knows exactly what they are… until now.

30-Day Chops is the first-ever course that teaches you tasty linear drum chops one note at a time. You’ll play along with Zack Graybeal (aka “ZackGrooves”) every day for thirty days until you’re playing blistering groove & fill chops like your favorite drummers.

Plus, you’ll have a live lesson every Saturday to ask questions and get yourself “unstuck.”

By the end of the month, you’ll have hundreds of new chops in your bag and the skills to start creating your own patterns around the kit.

Scroll down to save your seat in the first-ever class, June 5th - July 5th.

Know exactly what to practice. img

Know exactly what to practice.

The biggest mystery to learning chops has been knowing WHAT to practice. 30-Day Chops is foolproof because the lessons ARE your practice. You’ll play along each day with Zack – just do what he does.

Fits any schedule.

It’s not easy trying to cram your drum practice between work, school, and family. That’s why 30-Day Chops is designed to fit any schedule. You only need 10-minutes per day to learn Zack’s tasty licks.

Fits any schedule.
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Play with real music.

No more painfully dry exercises set to MIDI playalongs. 30-Day Chops includes custom-made music by acclaimed drum composer, Kaz Rodriguez. He’s crafted the perfect song for you to chop out with.

Live support from REAL teachers.

Each week you’ll have a 60-minute live lesson with Zack. Ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other students. Grab a cup of coffee and hang with your drum teacher? Yes please.

Live support from REAL teachers.
Lifetime access.img

Lifetime access.

You can access ALL playalongs, charts, and lessons from 30-Day Chops for life. That means you can return to your favorite chop workouts over and over – plus, it means you can work at your own pace.

What kind of chops
will you learn?

There’s been a movement of blistering linear patterns on the drums.

This is your chance to keep your playing on the cutting edge by immersing yourself in the world of chops for 30 days. Below are three drummers who exemplify this style of playing – click the buttons to see short examples of each playing linear chops.

Daily guided drum workouts
Weekly LIVE Q&A workshops
Flexible weekly schedule
Ongoing motivation & support
Guaranteed results

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Join 8,131 drummers who
have already registered.


Get LIVE support
every step of the way.

If you have questions about your lessons, you can ask your instructor at each week’s LIVE Q&A event. Zack will be there to help you through any sticking points and keep you motivated to complete the full course.
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Playing makes perfect.

For less than the cost of monthly private lessons you’ll get a 30-day program to transform your drumming.


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Style 24 Play-along Workouts In-Person Self-Directed Self-Directed
Live 4 LIVE Q&As Yes Sometimes No
Length 30 Days Open Ended Open Ended Open Ended
Access Lifetime Access One-Time Varies Lifetime
Guarantee 90 days No Varies No
Investment $97 $30-$100
per lesson

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intermeidate drummer
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Intermediate Drummers

30-Day Chops will help you take your drumming to the next level by studying rudiment applications on the drums. This is the perfect course to start expressing yourself creatively on the drums.

advanced drummer
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Advanced Drummers

You’ve been playing for a while, holding down gigs and feeling confident in your drumming. 30-Day Chops will help you enter the world of linear chops and make you an even greater asset to any band or recording session.

ambitious beginners
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Ambitious Beginners

Maybe you’re fairly early in your drumming journey but are ready for a challenge. Dive in with 30-Day Chops – you’ll have note-for-note breakdowns and live sessions to keep you moving forward.

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30-Day Chops is a daily guided workout program for drummers — where you’ll get a new video each weekday and a live session each weekend throughout the month. Because of this, students will not be able to join midway — and you need to register before the course begins.

A Limited Time

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Zack Graybeal
(aka “ZackGrooves”)

Zack lives at the intersection of grooves and chops.

He’s built a passionate community of drummers on YouTube with his hilarious videos and stunning performances. His innovative playing style has inspired millions of drummers to apply chops in a musical & groove-oriented way.

Zack has created the exercises for this course alongside Drumeo to help YOU build your own tasty drum chops.
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Join 8,131 drummers who
have already registered.

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Your favorite drum
course, guaranteed.

30-Day Chops is a NEW way to learn the drums – and for less than a month of private lessons, you’ll enjoy frustration-free progress to improve your speed, control, and creativity.

We think it’ll be your favorite drum course ever –

So even though it’s only a month, you’ll get three full months to go through everything and make sure it was right for you. If not, just contact our friendly support team for a full refund.

Shipping Disclaimer – Your sticks might not arrive by the course start date. We’ll do everything on our end to make it happen – the rest is up to the shipping gods.

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