How good is your internal clock? And how well do you play with a metronome?

Find out with this ultimate timing challenge, and see how far you can get without falling off. If you make it through, congrats – you’re the click master. But if you fall off, you’ll have to do 30 pushups, just like Dave in the video.

Just kidding. No pressure. It just means there’s more work to do, and you’ve got this!

Download the click track to practice along to here:

60 BPM
70 BPM
80 BPM
90 BPM
100 BPM

Here’s the structure of each track (you’ll hear the sound change when it’s about to switch to the next variation):

  • Regular click on the quarter notes (8 bars)
  • Click on the E (8 bars)
  • Click on the ‘and’ (8 bars)
  • Click on the A (8 bars)
  • Click on 1 and 3
  • Click on 2 and 4
  • Click on beat 1
  • Regular click (4 bars)
  • No click (1 bar)
  • Regular click (4 bars)
  • No click (2 bars)
  • Regular click (4 bars)
  • No click (4 bars)

As drummers, it’s our job to keep time. Post your attempt with the hashtag #drumeotimingchallenge (and be honest – mistakes and all – and share your first take)!

Don’t want to download the click tracks? Practice along here:

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