The Jazz Drum Soloing Formula

Steve Lyman  /  Featured Lessons / Sep 24

The drum set is just one avenue for musical communication. Steve Lyman shares his wisdom in this 47-minute lesson, “The jazz drum soloing formula.”

You’ll learn how to “deepen your storytelling capacity”, develop the ability to choose your narrative, and ultimately draw people in. Steve reveals his formula, which combines these four mechanisms (or components) into drum solo vocabulary:

1. Melodic: Deepening your melodic playing
2. Rhythmic: Building deep/challenging rhythmic connections
3. Textural: Creating soundscapes and dynamics for visualization
4. Harmonic: Layering vertically

Whether you’re matching the pitch of your drums to a melody, orchestrating sticking patterns around the kit in different subdivisions, building textures, or anchoring rhythms with ‘chords’, this lesson will help you develop the language you need to create meaningful jazz solos.

Lesson Index:
0:00 – SONG: “Pulsar” by Chase Baird
5:35 – Introduction
6:34 – Drum solo #1
9:25 – Overview of the four mechanisms
12:42 – The melodic mechanism
20:49 – The rhythmic mechanism
27:39 – The textural mechanism
31:53 – The harmonic mechanism
34:00 – Combining these concepts
42:00 – Drum solo #2
45:15 – Drum solo #3

If this lesson resonated with you, check out Steve’s jazz drumming course on Drumeo Edge.

About Steve:
Steve Lyman is an American jazz drummer, composer and educator. As a performer, Lyman has enjoyed sharing the stage with some of the leading voices in jazz and contemporary music, including Aaron Parks, Jon Batiste, Gilad Hekselman, Nir Felder, Julian Pollack, Chase Baird and many more.

Steve plays:
Craviotto Drums
Remo Drumheads
Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals
Vater Drumsticks

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