Shawn Mendes’ Drummer Plays “Treat You Better”

Mike Sleath  /  Performances / Jul 16

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Mike Sleath, drummer for international star Shawn Mendes, shows you exactly why he got the gig in this incredible performance.

Mike is a drummer and percussionist whose energy, creativity, and style have rocked the biggest stages all over the world. After spending over a decade traveling with an array of different established artists, Mike has found a home as the full-time touring drummer for Grammy-nominated artist Shawn Mendes.

In this performance we see Mike’s drumming come to life – his timing and feel are exceptional and his pocket is tight. If you take a minute to study his playing, you’ll quickly realize why he’s been chosen to tour with such incredible and world-renowned artists. He makes the right choices, plays the right parts, plays for the music, and sets the stage for the artist to shine!

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