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Richard Spaven is a highly accomplished and respected musician from London, England. He has worked with artists such as Jose James, The Cinematic Orchestra and Flying Lotus, and in this interview he reveals that he has also been working with Alfa Mist (I am personally quite excited about this).

Richard’s style of playing is unique, complex, tidy, musical, and yet somehow subdued and understated. He’s usually treading the electronic music scene with sprinkles of jazz sensibilities within his performances. Richard is capable of producing rhythms that are computer tight but with his incredible touch, finesse, and feel. He is also a rather prolific artist as well, releasing several of his own works over the years whilst collaborating with many artists for those records, including Jordan Rakei.

Check out Richard’s website for more information and media.


What will you hear in this episode?


  • Richard and I go over “The List” (Creativity, Time keeping, Endurance, Independence, Coordination, Groove, Chops, Technique). There is a great deal of offshoot conversation throughout this section – almost thirty minutes’ worth of great thoughts from Richard.

  • Next, we talk about one of my favorite subjects: The Zone. Richard speaks passionately about it while contributing some ideas that I had never considered before (whether it can distort reality, why we can’t always be in the zone, and how to get in it).

  • I had to know Richard’s creative process. I am personally a fan of his music, and I wanted to understand more about him in this way. It is interesting to hear how he toes the line to not disrupt the listening experience for most people – while at the same time, like the clever musician he is, managing to hide the stuff that musicians will appreciate and will find upon close listening.

  • We reflect on Richard’s work, and in particular my favorite recording of his “Spaven’s 5ive”, which is his first original release. I ask him how he feels about this music today when he hears it back.

  • We close with some conversation about how he feels once an album has been created. Does he release it and never look at it again because of the level of neurosis whilst composing, recording, mixing, producing, and distributing an album? You can tell by the incredible audio quality and how careful the compositions are musically that a lot of effort goes into his music. I had to know if he grows tired of his work by the time it is complete, and if it’s time to move on as soon as it is completely finished.

  • Spaven briefly discusses what we can all look forward to from him in 2019. Let’s just say that it sounds like it’ll be some amazing stuff…can’t wait!

  • In this episode, I used several of Richard’s songs from the album “Spaven’s 5ive”. Tracks are: 1759 (Outro), Ice Is Nice, SideIISide and Network.

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