“I should actually have a bed down here. That’s how much time I spend down here.”

Raghav Mehrotra is a fifteen year old drummer, bassist and guitarist. He even provided vocals in addition to drums for the Broadway Musical, “School of Rock” for roughly four years.

Did I mention he was fifteen?

Raghav has been making waves for the past few years due to his incredible talent. As he mentions in this interview, it didn’t come naturally. It was a product of hard work. Yes folks, that’s right. You can’t get around it and neither could Raghav. Hard work is the only answer to get to the levels of performance he demonstrates.

The future is bright for Raghav. Even if he were to decide that a professional career in music isn’t for him, I would argue that his hard work ethic will follow him in any field as long as he is passionate about it. He has accomplished so much already and yet there is so much time to continue pushing forward. It will be exciting to witness his success in years to come.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Whether Raghav ever feels the pressure of expectation from fans due to his growth and abilities
  • Raghav’s overview of how he discovered music as his passion in life including the story of how he landed a role in the Broadway Musical, “School of Rock”
  • How Raghav dealt with the uncomfortable experience of singing in a Broadway Musical
  • Our thoughts concerning social media “elevator pitches” within drumming videos
  • Where the “seed” and perhaps innate interest in music comes from for Raghav and whether we need to pace ourselves within our passions to not risk burning them out
  • The importance of investing time and energy into things that present delayed rewards
  • Why we as artists need to adapt with technology but balance our usage at the same time
  • Whether Raghav believes natural talent exists
  • If technology is interfering with the prospect of kids becoming interested in music and learning an instrument
  • Raghav’s perspective on how much drumming and music provide him with a healthy sense of self
  • Whether or not “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll” are still part of the image of a musician

Why you should listen:

Raghav is simply an incredibly impressive young man. At fifteen years old, it’s almost impossible to assume that Raghav wouldn’t be a successful person. To hear wise advice from such a young person makes us older folks feel pretty happy.

We tackle a lot of important topics in this interview. Some of it applies to all ages, and other stuff very much concerns our youth. I believe Raghav is an exemplary individual who can potentially inspire thousands of people to become the best they can be and this interview highlights that wonderfully.

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