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5 Benefits Of Open Handed Drumming

Claus Hessler  /  Jun 23, 2017

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1. More Freedom

Open handed playing allows you to create sounds in every corner of your drum set. You can hit any surface at anytime with no need to cross your limbs. Want to play around on your toms while keeping a consistent groove on your hi hat and snare? No problem.

2. Better Ergonomics

No sacrifices have to be made when setting up your kit if you can play open handed. Since you’re comfortable with playing on any surface with either hand, you have more options of where you can place certain sound sources without causing any awkward movements!

3. Creativity

Being creative means going outside of the already established guidelines. Open-handed drumming forces you to explore your kit with a fresh mindset, therefore you need to come up with different solutions for the ideas you want to convey. Who knows, open-handed drumming might assist you in finding your “sound” and become a main aspect of your musical identity.

4. Balance

Since you’re now putting an equal amount of workload on both hands, you’ll develop both at an equal rate. Most of us struggle with having one hand slower than the other, or one hand is better at leading fills. Both limbs are getting the same amount of attention now!

5. A New Approach

It’s almost like reading a good book twice and making it feel like it was the first time.” – Claus Hessler

Open-handed drumming allows you to explore your kit from a whole new perspective. Play what you already know, but mirror it! Have fun, experiment, and reap the benefits of playing open-handed.

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