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In this video, Nick D’Virgilio performs a medley comprised of eight songs taken from Spock’s Beard’s “Snow” album:

“Made Alive / Overture”
“Stranger In a Strange Land”
“Long Time Suffering”
“Welcome to NYC”
“Devil’s Got My Throat”
“Second Overture”
“4th of July”
“All is Vanity”

Spock’s Beard, formed in 1992, currently consists of Alan Morse (guitar), Dave Meros (bass), Ryo Okumoto (keyboard), Ted Leonard (vocals, guitar), and Nick D’Virgilio (drums). Enjoy this 17-minute long prog-rock medley that’s sure to inspire you to pick up your sticks and practice!

Don’t forget to watch Nick’s one-hour live lesson where he teaches you how to become more comfortable in the crazy, complicated genre that is prog-rock.

About Nick:
As Modern Drummers’ 2017 #1 progressive drummer, Nick D’Virgilio has developed an illustrious career in the world of progressive music. Although he’s widely known for his work with former band Spock’s Beard and current band Big Big Train, Nick has also been called upon to lay some tasty playing on music from huge artists like Genesis and Tears for Fears, and to tour with Cirque du Soleil for “Totem”. Not willing to set into a single role, Nick has also developed his skills in various instruments – including vocals – and is currently working at Sweetwater Sound where he teaches, does session work, and creates tutorial, demo, and review videos.

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