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We have a ton of lessons that cover flashy fills and chops, but this lesson is focused on adding flavor to your playing while still remaining musical. Brandon Khoo is our first ever guest drummer from Singapore, too!

Remember to download the sheet music above and follow along. Don’t focus on the fills too much themselves, but rather the actual concept of how to add flavor through simple additions and variations. Always put the music first!

Lesson Index:
0:06 – SONG: “Saylor Twift” by Raz Azraai
5:00 – Introduction
9:05 – Lesson Starts!
30:15 – SONG: “Freedom” by Coen
36:40 – Q & A!
47:52 – SONG: “Polygonia” by Coen

About Brandon:
Brandon Khoo is a drummer, clinician, and educator from South East Asia and is widely known there as the best rock drummer. Brandon has performed with artists such as Jacee Chan (Jackie Chan’s son), Emil Chau, Richie Chen, and he’s also the full time drummer for Shirlyn & the Unexpected – one of the biggest rock acts in Singapore.

Brandon is also the first ever drumming mentor for Noise Singapore, a program that helps guide and develop up and coming musicians. He studied with Gleb Sobel (Alice Cooper), as well as Dom Famularo who he worked with to help bring the “freestroke technique” to drummers in Singapore.

Brandon plays:
Mapex Drums
TRX Cymbals
Aquarian Drumheads
Vater Sticks

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