Mark Guiliana is easily one of the most recognizable and respected drummers of this current era. Guiliana has managed to carve out a nice career for himself, with highlights such as performing on David Bowie’s final record, Black Star, working with Brad Mehldau for the “Mehliana” collaboration, and heading many of his own projects including Beat Music, Mark Guiliana Quartet, and most recently, Space Heroes. Mark has an instantly recognizable sound, but an unpredictable nature that always leads to exciting performances that possess a great deal of originality and musicality.

In this two part episode, Mark and I discuss the process of creating Mark’s new record Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music!, his relationships with the drums, his fellow musicians, and music in general. Mark shares so many incredible insights to how he negotiates any commentary whilst playing, how he sets his expectations, and how he maintains the level of joy required to make drumming worthwhile. Mark discusses his earlier years as a student of Joe Bergamini and how this relationship would continue forward into the process of creating “Exploring your creativity on the drum set”. And who is Cole Whittle?

Click here for Mark Guiliana Part Two.


Music featured in this episode:

Mark Guiliana Quartet – “Big Rig Jones” (Jersey)

Heernt – “Locked In A Basement” (Locked In A Basement)

Mark Guiliana – “Ode to Bobby Moons” (Beat Music: The Los Angeles Improvisations)

Mark Guiliana – “GIRL” (Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music!)


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