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John Blackwell is an amazing drummer who has played with Prince, Patti LaBelle, Cameo, and Justin Timberlake – and he was kind enough to visit our studio for a special drum lesson on Drumming Discipline & Improvisation. His passion for sharing drumming knowledge is inspirational, and I hope you enjoy the lesson!

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Video Index:

  • Intro Song – 00:00
  • Drum Solo – 07:20
  • Jared Intro – 17:45
  • Discipline – 19:53
  • Squirrel – 34:44
  • Improvisation – 35:23
  • Drum Solo – 39:00
  • Song “Father Daughter – 49:54
  • Questions – 55:35
  • Drum Solo – 1:28:00

A big thank you to Tama Drums, Yamaha DTX Drums, and Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks.

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