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There are thousands of drummers out there. Probably hundreds of thousands, in fact. And all this time you might be thinking, “I’m a little bit different. I’m me. And I haven’t seen enough content out there that really speaks to me as a unique player.”

That’s why today you’re going to get some special tips catered to you. After all, vampire and werewolf attacks are up 240% since 2019, and this number can easily be attributed to the lack of focus on supernatural drummers.

So without further ado, here are some tips for the rest of us.

Tips for ghostly drummers

  • When haunting a drum set, always count out loud.
  • Try leading with your non-dominant wisp when you play paranormaldiddles.
  • Ghost notes are your strength. Own it!
  • Try your best to hold the sticks with the tip side down, no matter how much they spin in your ectoplasm. While most phantoms struggle with this, really focus on not letting them point inwards, or you risk piercing your spectral sheath.
  • It’s okay to get boos.

Tips for zombie drummers

  • Embarrassed by limbs constantly falling off? Sports tape can save you during a gig, session, or practice. Be prepared!
  • If you no longer have eyeballs, don’t be discouraged. You’re a drummer, and your ear holes were made for this.
  • Listen carefully and really feel the rhythms in your body. Memorize the layout of your kit. If the ghosts can do it, so can you.
  • If people are nervous about jamming with you because you have a constant appetite for fresh brains, reassure them by always having a fresh source in a fridge behind your kit to keep your cravings at bay.
  • Pay attention to detail. Always flesh out your drum parts.

Tips for vampire drummers

  • Get lots of rest during the day. You’ll need to harness all your energy to play hard before the sun rises.
  • Don’t forget to add ‘blood’ to your gig rider. You don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.
  • Your bandmates expect you to count. Don’t let them down.
  • Take off your cape while behind the kit to avoid it getting stuck between your foot and the pedal.
  • Never play with broken sticks. Too close to stakes.

Tips for werewolf drummers

  • You should know this by now, but try not to schedule any gigs or rehearsals during a full moon. If you must, make sure it’s with your least delicious bandmates.
  • Holding drumsticks with claws is a challenge. You can either tape the sticks directly to your paws, or use your claws to strike the drums and cymbals. But be forewarned, the latter gets expensive.
  • Focus on drag ruffs. They should come naturally to you.

Tips for human drummers

  • Don’t be afraid to manipulate time or cross the bar line.
  • Practice with a click, but not just on the beat – try having the pulse fall on the ‘e’s or the ‘a’s.
  • Relax – you’ll feel better and sound more human.
  • Watch out for vampires.

Happy Halloween!

Samantha Landa

Samantha Landa is a Canadian metal drummer and writer. She currently plays with Conquer Divide, The Anti-Queens and Dead Asylum and has toured with metal bands Nervosa and Introtyl. Sam has been featured by outlets such as Sick Drummer Magazine and DRUM! Magazine, and proudly endorses Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals and Los Cabos Drumsticks.

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