The Ultimate Guide To Learning 100 Drumming Styles
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Gregg Bissonette calls it a ‘four limb single stroke roll’, which involves two and four limb coordination. You can alternate this roll between your limbs like this:

Right hand, right foot
Left hand, right foot
Right hand, left foot
Left hand, left foot

Not only will this exercise help with your note spacing, but it’s a cool idea to use in a solo or at the end of a song.

Gregg suggests playing a roll between your left hand right foot while your right hand plays a pattern on the ride cymbal. You might even try striking a tom with your left hand and playing right-left on a double pedal as your right hand keeps the pattern going (watch the video to see what this looks like).

One of Gregg’s ‘what are you playing’ moments comes from Vinnie Colaiuta: RH LF LH RF

When he was learning it, he found that if he phrased it like a triplet, he ‘forgot’ about his feet. Gregg recommends leading with the hands and letting your feet fall into place.

Take it slow and be patient!


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