The Most Famous Drum Beat In The World

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips / Oct 24

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Have you ever wondered what drum beat is the most famous in the world? I was definitely curious,  so I did some research and found that the “Funky Drummer” beat by Clyde Stubblefield has been the most sampled drum groove ever (over 7 million times!). It’s just a basic 16th note groove, but the hi-hat part, ghost notes, and overall feel make this beat one of the hardest to play.

I should also mention that I am playing the notes just like Clyde did. But I am not playing it with the same feel. That would be impossible for me or any other drummer in this world. So I recommend you learn the groove, but then play it the way you want to play it. Hopefully it will inspire you to create the next most famous drum beat in the world!

Click here to download the sheet music (PDF)

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