“If you have something that someone hates or loves, you have something right?”

Curt “KIRKEE B.” Bisquera has been highly active in the music industry for over thirty years. He has recorded and/or toured with the likes of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Sir Elton John, Mick Jagger, Morris Day and the Time, Pharrell Williams, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and that is literally just scratching the surface. Curt is known as a “groove master” and in many ways it has become expected of him to deliver the groovy goods.

Beyond simply drumming, Curt has been branching out recently with West Co. Pedals to create the “Grease Juicer”. Yes, a drummer is working together with a guitar pedal company. It goes to show that even the most top level drummers with an equally impressive resume still need to diversify in other areas to ensure a more comfortable career in music.

In this conversation, Curt opens up a lot about the changing music industry and what he does and doesn’t like about it. This episode focuses heavily on Curt’s observations of the industry over the last thirty years.

Curt endorses DW Drums, Paiste, Vater, Remo, SKB, LP, Audio-Technica, Canopus, Jerry Harvey Audio, Big Fat Snare Drum, Tuner Fish Lug Locks, Big Bang Distribution, Slug Percussion, Randall May, Dauz, and CRS.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • Why Curt released his own guitar pedal “Grease Juicer” and why he went in that direction instead of a drum product
  • Curt’s take on the drumming community vs. the guitar community
  • Curt’s early days and beliefs on natural talent
  • Some first hand stories and thoughts about Jeff Porcaro
  • Our thoughts on the current state of social skills
  • Metronomic music and why we don’t like it very much
  • One of Curt’s mantras
  • Personal advice and messages from Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Elton John
  • Curt’s thoughts on the music industry today compared to twenty years ago

Why you should listen:

Curt had asked me if he could listen to this episode prior to release to give it the seal of approval. The next day he responded with, “It’s good. It’s my truth.” I think that really sums this one up. Curt has had over thirty years of experience in this industry and has seen a lot of change. He isn’t entirely happy with the changes but he still loves music.

You will hear his emotive explanation about how he has been under the microscope and beat detected in the studio for years. He is tired of that. He just wants to be free. To play music without a click. To have a recording truthfully represent what happened in the moment. To hear this from Curt was incredibly powerful.

This episode is filled with truth. Curt’s truth. Whether you agree with it or not, this was a wonderfully unfiltered and organic conversation between two people who have a deep love for music.

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