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Breaking Down The Drum Part On Pete Townshend’s “Give Blood”

Simon Phillips  /  Oct 28, 2022

1985 was a great year for music. There was Tears For Fears, Whitney Houston, and there was Pete Townshend – guitarist and songwriter of The Who – who had just released his fourth solo album.

The opening track “Give Blood” featured Simon Phillips – one of Townshend’s favorite musicians – on the drums. And what a cool drum part it is.

Simon always has fascinating stories about his epic studio sessions. In this video you’ll not only see him play through “Give Blood”, but you’ll get a breakdown of his drum parts and hear stories about what it was like recording the track for the legendary Pete Townshend: “the session that should have never happened”!

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Simon Phillips has been a household name in the drumming community for decades. Known for his incredible groove, virtuosic chops, and iconic drum sound, he has been one of the most prolific musicians of his generation. Simon has performed with Toto, Jeff Beck, Hiromi, Pete Townshend, Judas Priest, with his own group, Protocol, and as a session drummer with countless more artists. Beyond his drumming prowess, Simon is also an accomplished producer and audio engineer. In this role, his depth of studio knowledge and distinct musical sensibility has served an entire new generation of musical artists.

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