Drum Chops For Beginners

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips / Mar 5

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“Showmanship and chops? In a BEGINNER LESSON?”

Sure, why not – if you slow it down.

If you’ve been playing basic beats and fills, working on your time and technique, and you’re hoping to start developing some new cool ideas, this lesson will give you a foundation for chops.

But hold on – what are chops?

Most people use the word to describe repetitive linear patterns (or hand/foot combinations) played quickly around the kit. When drummers go into the practice room and ‘shed’ (aka jam), they’re developing technical proficiency with certain patterns.

While groove is just as – if not more – important than chops, it can be fun to shred and come up with variations on a pattern on different surfaces.

In this lesson, Jared shows you six ‘chops’ you can try, even if you’re an elementary drummer. Like anything, it’s not going to sound great when you start. And some of these patterns might not sound like much when played slowly, but they’ll sound awesome later. Remember to practice slowly to a click and don’t try to rip around the kit until you’re ready – and be honest with yourself!

(Download the sheet music here)

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