Instant access to SIX linear drumming lessons, so you can get started right away!

Understanding linear drumming and how it will impact your playing.

Get fills and grooves that you can use in dance, pop, rock, gospel, and metal!

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What you'll learn in this video series:

With more than 900,000 subscribers - and the most viewed and subscribed drumming channel on YouTube - COOP3RDRUMM3R has been entertaining and inspiring drummers around the world for years. In this exclusive video series, you'll get his best tips on linear drumming and how to apply it to a range of fills, grooves, and styles of music!

What Is Linear Drumming?

Linear drumming means you're not playing two notes at the same time - and you'll see exactly what that means and how it can add to your fills & grooves!

4 min

​Dance Pop Grooves​

Have fun learning 3 different linear dance and pop grooves that are super versatile for playing to all sorts of popular music.

6 min

​Rock Tom Grooves​

See what linear drumming can do to your grooves on the toms - switching between your hands and feet for a unique feel that's a lot of fun!

6 min

​Gospel Grooves​

Take a look at linear drumming inside the world of gospel drumming - where there's all sorts of crazy stuff that goes on that will really impact your playing!

8 min

​Metal Fills​

In metal drumming you get to use a lot of double kick sometimes - so in this video you'll learn some cool linear fills that split between your hands and your feet.

7 min

About Your Instructor

Casey Cooper, or “COOP3RDRUMM3R,” as he is more commonly known by on the popular video streaming site YouTube, was born in Arlington, Texas, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

He enjoys playing a wide variety of music and believes that the most important part of playing drums or any other instrument is enjoying yourself and having fun playing and creating music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to these lessons?
This video series comes with full, lifetime access! You’ll receive a special access link to the videos, and it’s yours to keep - forever!

What internet speed is required to watch these videos?
This video series was built to work on any standard internet connection! For standard definition videos, a download speed of 400 kilobits per second will work great. For high definition, you’ll want at least 1 megabit per second. Click here to test your internet!

Do the video lessons work on my phone/tablet/computer?
Yes, the lessons are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. They were also designed to be compatible with mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and tablets.

Will I ever be charged for this video series?
No. This free series is our gift to you. We hope you’ll love it, and just maybe choose to join us inside our Drumeo Edge members area where you can connect with an incredible community of students and drummers from around the world, and enjoy a new hour-long drum lesson every single day! Learn more at www.Drumeo.com.