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You’ll gain a clear path for getting started on the drums - with carefully organized step-by-step courses so you’ll always know exactly what you’ve learned, and what to practice next!

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Favorite Songs

Learning is fun, but playing is even better - so you’ll get unlimited access to play-along songs and popular song breakdowns so you can apply your new skills to real music!

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Drumming Goals

We’ll make sure you get the support you need to reach your goals - with live lessons, personalized lesson plans, video reviews, and our popular community message board.

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Build Your Rock-Solid Foundation

When you join Drumeo Edge, you’ll have unlimited access to more than 150 step-by-step courses. Here are just a few that were created to help you get started on the drums:

  • Jared Falk

    Getting Started On The Drums

  • Stephen Taylor

    How To Practice Effectively

  • Mike Michalkow

    Quarter Notes

  • Mike Michalkow

    Eighth Notes

  • Dave Atkinson

    Basic Foot Technique

  • Victor Guidera

    Quickstart Guide To Recording The Drums

  • Peter Erskine

    Creative Practicing

  • Jay Deachman

    Building Basic Independence

  • Jared Falk

    Rock Drum Beats

  • Jared Falk

    Rock Drum Fills

  • Todd Sucherman

    Expanding Rudimental Ideas

  • Jimmy Rainsford

    Refining Your Groove

  • Florian Alexandru-Zorn

    Basic Brush Technique

  • Jason Sutter

    The Importance of Musical Phrasing

  • Jared Falk

    The Fastest Way To Get Faster

  • Daniel Glass

    How To Develop Your Shuffle

Learn Anything On
The Drums, Anytime

Along with step-by-step courses, you’ll have full access to our live lessons and every recording. And since we’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll get more than 1500 members-only recordings including:

  • Mike Michalkow

    Your First Drum Lesson

  • Mike Michalkow

    Your Second Drum Lesson

  • Mike Michalkow

    Your 3rd Drum Lesson

  • Mike Michalkow

    Your 4th Drum Lesson

  • Cobus Potgieter

    How To Make Your Cheap Kit Sound Amazing

  • Jared Falk

    7 Beats Every Drummer Must Know

  • Mike Michalkow

    Holding Your Drumsticks

  • Calum Rees

    Playing Drums In Church

  • Pat Petrillo

    Setting Up And Tuning A New Kit

  • Dave Atkinson

    How To Learn Play-Alongs

  • Jared Falk

    Beginner Fills That Don’t Suck

  • Dave Atkinson

    Rock Drumming 101

  • Aaron Edgar

    10 Beats To Break You Out Of Your Beginners Rut

  • Ash Pearson

    Next Level Basics

  • Stephen Taylor

    Bass Drum Independence For Beginners

  • Dave Atkinson

    Play-Alongs For The Absolute Beginner

  • Aaron Edgar

    Rudimental Applications For Beginners

  • Aaron Edgar

    Beginner Triplet Fills

  • Dave Atkinson

    Subtle Drum Intros For Beginners

  • Dave Atkinson

    Beginner Bass Drum Boot Camp

Learn To Play Your
Favorite Songs

You’ll get on-demand access to more than 200 exclusive play-along songs just for drummers PLUS you’ll get detailed song breakdowns for music by popular bands of all eras and styles including:

  • Paul Simon

    50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

  • Surfaris


  • Miles Davis

    Freddie Freeloader

  • The Beatles

    Come Together

  • Green Day

    American Idiot

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Give It Away

  • Foo Fighters


  • System Of A Down

    Chop Suey!

  • Van Halen

    Hot For Teacher

  • Iron Maiden

    Run To The Hills

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Sweet Home Alabama

  • Metallica

    Master Of Puppets

  • Muse

    Stockholm Syndrome

  • Blink 182

    First Date

  • Bon Jovi

    Livin’ On A Prayer

  • AC/DC

    You Shook Me All Night Long

  • Guns n’ Roses

    Sweet Child O’ Mine

  • Journey

    Don’t Stop Believin’

  • The Police


  • Maroon 5

    This Love

"Drumeo is the real deal folks! Jared Falk and his team have my confidence and support in what is done to promote music through the art of drumming and percussion."

Billy Cobham

Legendary drummer for Miles Davis, Spectrum, and many others

"The Drumeo standard is one of the highest quality and is THE place to go for the best in drum education!"

David Garibaldi

Drummer for Tower Of Power

"The Drumeo family has created a world class site for continuing education and insight into the world of drumming!"

Rich Redmond

Drummer for Jason Aldean

"Jared Falk has a comprehensive expert knowledge in providing and structuring lesson plans. He has a great human sense and knows how to handle, host and guide a lesson."

Anika Nilles

Drummer & Songwriter

"Drumeo always keeps its focus on the outstanding learner experience, therefore it’s no surprise that they’ve reached a global market leader position in online drum education."

Gabor Dornyei

Touring Drum & Percussion Clinician

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