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We Dare You To Drum With Stuff From The Thrift Store

David Raouf  /  UPDATED Jun 1, 2023

Have you ever seen a grown man play an abacus like a shaker? Neither had we…but we’re glad we’ve seen it now.

David Raouf (aka rdavidr on YouTube) wants to challenge you to create some unusual and awesome sounds using only items you found at a thrift store.

You can buy whatever you want at a music store, but at the end of the day, a shaker is a shaker and a tambourine is a tambourine. At a thrift store, you can find knick knacks or unconventional ‘non instruments’ to become percussive sound sources. Whether you mount something to a stand as its own piece or you add it to a cymbal or tom to give it some new flair, you never know what kind of new sounds might inspire your playing.

David recommends looking for random metal objects (like dog bowls, pot lids, or even a door handle) or wood pieces (like cutting boards, an abacus, or a random wooden alligator), but you can choose whatever you want. If it doesn’t already have a hole in it, make sure you have a drill with a 1 inch bit handy.

For more awesome DIY drum experiments, hacks and projects, check out David’s YouTube channel!

David Raouf has made a name for himself by using video to share his passion for building percussion instruments and repurposing second-hand ones. When he's not teaching drummers around the world how to put together their own gear, David enjoys delving deep into the world of music creation through his play-along tracks and drum sample libraries, and by recording local bands and rappers.

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