“The Check In”: Jost Nickel’s New Record

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #203 / Apr 26

“I felt like I didn’t have any time to finish my project, which was kind of hard.”

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Jost Nickel returns to Drumeo Gab to talk about his new record, The Check In. 

Click here to listen to The Check In or get a signed copy on CD or vinyl.

In this episode:

You will hear about…

  • How the project to record an album started for Jost
  • If the pandemic played a role in the album’s completion
  • Managing expectations
  • Exploring different types of microphones with Victor Guidera
  • Jost’s involvement with creating the album
  • If he wrote this music to satisfy drummers or a general audience
  • If there was a new sense of vulnerability when creating this album
  • What surprised him the most about the process

Why you should listen:

If you’ve ever considered writing and recording your own album, or you’ve done so in the past, you’ll connect with today’s episode. Jost also contributes some great thoughts on making things to satisfy your own creativity and quality standards first.

Another major theme in this episode is adaptability. If you ever struggle to see value and purpose in your own endeavors, you can reflect on your own projects with the insights Jost provides here.

Music featured in today’s show:

Jost Nickel – “I Understand”: 0:00
Jost Nickel – “Bloon”: 13:04
Jost Nickel – “Silk”: 20:25
Jost Nickel – “The Check In”: 39:01
Jost Nickel – “Cookies”: 44:37

Feature Photo: Gerhard Kuehne

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