Drums As Life Preserver: Part 1

Seamus Evely  /  Drumeo Gab #207 / May 24

“I’m just glad to be alive.”

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Jason Mills wrote me an email late last year to talk to me about how my interview with Jack Thomas deeply resonated with him. He then proceeded to tell me about his story. Before this email I had never been introduced to Jason, but the depth of his story immediately inspired me. I wrote him back to say many things, but among them was an invitation to host him and tell his story.

Drums as life preserver. A fitting title, considering drums happened to be one of a few aspects of his life that kept him sane during a major rehabilitation. I won’t spoil anything, but please listen closely to this and reflect upon it with your own experiences as a musician.

Have the drums ever saved you from tremendously difficult times? Are they a dependable companion? If you answered yes, this will likely resonate deeply with you.

In this episode:

  • Today’s episode goes back over twenty years when Jason began having crazy neurological symptoms during his career in STOMP until he was finally properly diagnosed and received a major surgery.

Why you should listen:

This episode has many lessons in it. Our lives can change immediately and this episode highlights this fact of life.

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