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When you have hundreds or thousands of drummers sharing video clips on Instagram, how are you supposed to stand out? Think about these 6 tips before you make your next post:

1. Start playing immediately

People have an extremely short attention span. If nothing is happening within the first 5 seconds of your video, they’re less likely to watch. Take immediate action!

2. Keep the performance short

Instead of posting a long video that gets cut off after 60 seconds, create something that fits in that minute-long time frame. Give it a start, middle and end (or an intro, first verse, chorus, and finale). Keep building to a climax so viewers are with you until the very end. Your video can also be much shorter than 60 seconds.

3. Be yourself

You’re one drummer in the middle of all these other players, so be yourself. Play what you think might interest your followers. Even if you just have two family members who follow you, they might be proud of what you’re doing and share your videos with their friends. Sometimes that’s how it all starts!

4. Don’t overpromote products

Many of your followers don’t play the same brand as you. Just play. Keep it neutral in your videos and let branded images do the talking. Save the excessive promotion for long-form content on YouTube.

5. Keep your audio in mind

Some people connect good headphones to their smartphones and tablets. If your video doesn’t sound great, they may not keep watching. Even if you’re just using the built-in microphone, try to position your phone a little further from the drum set (in a corner, for example) to avoid overwhelming the mic.

6. Dress nicely

Details matter! It’s nice to see a drummer dressed up for the occasion sometimes. People want to see you shine, not look at your old, torn-up T-shirt. Inspire viewers to have a positive experience. Really think about what you’re wearing: will it offend someone you know, or someone in another country?

Get out there and make some killer Instagram videos. Be proud of what you do!


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