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Over his many years of blasting and thrashing with several metal bands, Dan Wilding discovered that there are five key components in his drumming that he needed to focus on in order to play extreme metal at a proficient level.

Extreme metal is known for its high tempos, tight note spacing, and heavy riffs. The blast beat is a more generously used tool in this genre compared to other styles of metal and forms the backbone of many other techniques required within this music.

Download the sheet music here and follow along!

Lesson Index:
0:22 – SONG: “Captive Bolt Pistol” by Carcass
6:46 – Lesson Overview
11:46 – Building Block #1
25:46 – Building Block #2
32:04 – Building Block #3
37:42 – Building Block #4
43:01 – Building Block #5
50:21 – The Building Blocks Applied
1:05:16 – SONG: “The Master Butcher’s Apron” by Carcass

About Dan:
Dan Wilding is one of the biggest drummers in the European heavy-metal music scene. With chops for days and a keen sense of musicality, he’s able to put forth extremely technical but complementary playing, which makes him a force to be reckoned with, inside and outside of the studio. His huge experience in the world of metal music has landed him gigs with bands such as Aborted, Trigger the Bloodshed, The Soulless, The Order of Apollyon, and Heaven Shall Burn – and he’s currently the drummer for Carcass, often regarded as pioneers of the goregrind genre.


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