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25 Drum Hacks Anyone Can Do

David Raouf  /  UPDATED Aug 20, 2022

Have you ever showed up to a gig and realized you needed to fix or replace something last minute? How can you make do with what you have? Master of drum-related problem solving, David Raouf, probably has a solution.

You may know David as rdavidr on YouTube. His popular channel features drum hacks, alterations and restorations, cool drum gadgets, and anything else he can get his hands on. A bona fide drumming handyman!

David came to Drumeo to film courses on tuning and drum maintenance/repair, as well as his brand new show for Drumeo Edge members (called ‘DIY Drum Experiments’). As if that wasn’t enough, he also shared 25 hacks any drummer can do, which you’ll learn in this video!

Whether he’s modifying sounds with broken cymbals or using graffiti remover to dissolve logos on drum heads, David has a tip for almost anything.

Lesson Index:
0:00 – SONG: “Mono/Poly” by Alex Ball Music
4:00 – Introduction
6:45 – 1) Cutting a bass drum porthole
7:40 – 2) Removing logos
8:28 – 3) Drumstick pliers
8:52 – 4) Matching sticks
9:23 – 5) Firmer brushes
9:53 – 6) More cymbal felts
10:14 – 7) Drum key drill bit
11:07 – 8) Custom hi-hat stand
13:01 – 9) Hard to soft beater
13:32 – 10) Cheaper locking tuners
14:34 – 11) Perfect cross-stick every time
15:18 – 12) Easy snare muffle
15:54 – 13) Getting a triggered kick sound
16:20 – 14) Protect your bass drum hoop
16:54 – 15) No cable rattle
17:39 – 16) Stop bass drum from sliding without rug
18:12 – 17) Increased tom resonance
18:55 – 18) Easy access sticks
19:24 – 19) DIY stick holder
19:56 – 20) Quick setup drum rug
20:16 – 21) Reuse old cymbals
20:53 – 22) Easy cymbal sizzle
21:30 – 23) DIY cymbal sleeve
22:25 – 24) Hi-hat stand protector
23:25 – 25) Securing a small practice pad
25:34 – Demonstration and explanation
28:40 – How to increase tom resonance with a practice pad
30:10 – DIY drum experiments (new Drumeo show!)
34:38 – “Futures” by TJ Hartmann

About David:
David Raouf is the creator of the YouTube channel ‘rdavidr’. His channel marries his love of percussion with his skills as a tradesman, by building, creating, and repurposing second hand percussion instruments. When he’s not posting videos featuring unique drum hacks, he’s recording bands and artists from his home studio or making hip-hop beats, play-along tracks, and sample libraries.

Follow David:

David Raouf has made a name for himself by using video to share his passion for building percussion instruments and repurposing second-hand ones. When he's not teaching drummers around the world how to put together their own gear, David enjoys delving deep into the world of music creation through his play-along tracks and drum sample libraries, and by recording local bands and rappers.

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