Step-By-Step Drum Lessons For Playing Jazz Music

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Learn How To Play Jazz

Get 5 hours of detailed lessons for
learning jazz drum fills, jazz drum
beats, different styles of jazz drumming,
grooves, shuffles, and more!


10 Fun Play-Along Songs

The Jazz Drumming System comes with
10 jazz drumming play-along tracks and
a complete video guide to playing jazz
drum solos!


Instant Online Access

Start your first drum lesson today,
with 24/7 online access to the lessons,
and resources.


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Why We Created This

One of the best ways to improve groove and creativity is to explore other musical styles. Here Mike Michalkow walks you through the subtle nuances of Jazz drumming in progressive step-by-step video lessons.

Key Features

- Split screen video makes learning simple.

- Progressive step-by-step video drum lessons.

- Apply what you've learned with fun play-alongs.

Technical Specs

Video: 5+ hours of video.

Audio: 10 play-alongs.

Books: 77 pages in a PDF book.

Online: Lifetime access to all content.

Skill: From beginner to advanced.

More Information

The Jazz Drumming System is a complete and comprehensive solution for drummers interested in learning to play Jazz music. It includes over seven hours of step-by-step video training. You will learn jazz drum fills, jazz drum beats, the different styles of jazz drumming, snare drum comping, bass drum comping, grooves, shuffles, and much more. As you begin to master the exercises - you'll have an opportunity to practice along with the included jazz play-along songs. Here is a complete overview of everything included in this training pack:

Here's what is included in the Jazz Drumming System


Getting Started - Module 01

The first Jazz Drumming System training module features a complete overview of the drum legend/key for drum notation, a guide to drum gear selection for jazz drumming, how to tune your drums to play jazz music, a traditional and match grip overview, how to count triplet note values, tips for counting in a swing tune, a bass drum technique overview, a hi-hat technique overview, a guide to developing jazz groove, an overview of the key differences between playing with a big band vs playing with a combo band, an introduction to the shuffle groove, and introduction to drum set comping, hundreds of jazz exercises and much more!


Jazz Exercises - Module 02

The second module is where you can apply all you have learned and really start to hone your jazz drumming skills with videos covering jazz fills, applying rudiments within jazz drumming, hundreds of jazz drumming exercises, how to correctly use brushes within jazz drumming, brush technique, jazz drum solos, many different time signature lessons and much more!

All of the building blocks to mastering this amazing style of drumming are here for you to take advantage of. You will be amazed at how fast you can begin to apply these powerful concepts into your everyday drumming!


Jazz Drum Play-Alongs

You can go a long way with exercises and fills, but to really learn and feel the music there is no better way then to get in the drummers seat with the band and start to play. That's why the Jazz Drumming System includes 10 fun jazz drumming play-along tracks and a complete video guide to playing jazz drum solos.

We have also included audio MP3s with the drum tracks removed so you can join the band and play the songs yourself. They work with any portable MP3 player.


Jazz Drumming System - Workbook

To ensure you get the most out of the Jazz Drumming System we have also included a downloadable PDF workbook with over 70 pages of training material that works in companion with the training videos to teach you all the various Jazz drum beats, fills, and patterns to develop this fun an exciting style of music.

Within the workbook you will find all the relevant sheet music, and several informative drum articles to assist in the learning process. You can download it and use it directly on your computer, or print off specific lessons to take to your drum set.


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