How To Tune Your Drums For Any Playing Situation

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The Drum Tuning System gives you tips
for cleaning, tuning, and maintaining
your drums so you can get the most
value out of your kit!


Make Your Drums Sound Better

The better your drums sound, the
better you will sound when you play
them! You'll learn how to tune your
drums for any situation.


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Why We Created This

The drums are our voice as musicians. The better they sound - the better we sound playing them. This training pack reveals exactly how to tune your drums to sound great in any playing situation. A must-have for drummers.

Key Features

- Tips for tuning snare drums, bass drums, and toms.

- Special adjustments for rock, jazz, and Latin gigs.

- Advice for drum set maintenance, muffling, and more.

- Tips and tricks for recording drums in a studio.

Technical Specs

Video: 4+ hours of video.

Online: Lifetime access to all content.

Skill: From beginner to advanced.

More Information

The Drum Tuning System is the ultimate "how-to guide" for drummers that want to master the art of drum set tuning. Below you will find a detailed list of all the topics covered in this video training pack. It is important to note that the content is relevant for drummers of all skill levels. Many sections include valuable tips and tricks that can help even the most advanced drummers.

Here's what is included in the Drum Tuning System


Drum Tuning System - Module #1

Drum Set Maintenance - This section includes information about polishing your drums, cleaning your cymbals (with advanced tips on how to deal with different types), and keeping your single and double bass drum pedals in perfect working condition!
Changing Your Drumheads - Here you will learn how to change drumheads for each type of drum individually. Mike covers the snare drum, bass drum, and tom-toms each individually - with special drum-specific tips to be sure you get the best results from each drum!
Snare Drum Tuning - Mike explains exactly how to tune this important drum to be sure you get a perfect crack each and every time. He covers the top and bottom drum heads, the snare wires, and the snare throw-off. You'll learn how to adjust each of these components to get the best results!
Bass Drum Tuning - This section includes specialized information about bass drum tuning. Mike explains several advanced concepts to ensure you get great tone from this booming drum. He explains a variety of adjustments that will allow you to change the sound of this drum to suit your needs.
Tom-Tom Tuning - Mike wraps up the basic tuning section with specialized tips about tom-tom tuning to ensure you get great tone from all the toms in your set. It doesn't matter if you have two, three, four, or even 5+ toms in your drum set. This section will show you exactly how to make them sound great all together!


Drum Tuning System - Module #2

Tuning for Rock Music - This section includes important tips and tricks on how to tune your drums for various rock drumming situations.
Tuning for Latin Music - Here Mike explains the adjustments needed for playing along with a variety of Latin music styles.
Tuning for Jazz Music - Mike shows exactly how to get a kit ready for swinging along with some fun Jazz tunes.
Studio Drumming Tips - This lesson includes advanced tips for drummers that are interested in studio drumming. Mike walks you through essential information you will need to know long before you go into any recording gig!
Drum Tuning Troubleshooting - Important tips for dealing with unique tuning situations. Mike explains how to troubleshoot odd situations to come up with quick solutions!
Drum Muffling Techniques - Mike explains a wide variety of drum muffling options that you can use to tweak the sound of your drums. Always remember, muffling is never a solution to poor tuning, but is a way to enhance great tuning!


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