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April 10, 2014 by - 6 Comments

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We had the pleasure of hosting Flo Mounier from the metal band Cryptopsy. Flo is an incredible drummer with a passion for education. In this lesson, he talked about five different tips to improve your metal drumming!

Flo also demonstrated a few things with the new Roland TM-2, which allows him to change his bass drum and snare sound from song to song. If you’re looking to get into the wonderful world of triggering, definitely consider the Roland TM-2.

Thanks to Roland Canada for helping us set up this awesome lesson!

Flo plays Pearl Drums, Roland V-Drums & Electronics, Evans Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Shure Microphones, and Sabian Cymbals.

About the author: Jared is the author of Successful Drumming and founder of Drumeo - an online community dedicated to the education, inspiration, and support of drummers.

  • Patrick Darcy

    A great lesson,really informative about the physical side of metal drumming which is so important.

  • Kefdog


  • Shiv Kumar Sharma

    Killer variations !

  • http://murmurcostarica.com/ maurabbit

    Damn man, you really kick some ass dude, thanks so much for all your sharing, very nice bands Flo, great guitars and your drumming is from another planet, thanks for the fore arm and wrist exercises for endurance, great tips, gotta work on those, i was just using fingers, but was never able to get the speed you do, am In Costa Rica, we love metal over here, I will try to go to one of your gigs, good luck buddy,

  • Robbie

    Great lesson Flo, Rob Doherty would be proud you played a Digital Doomzday song. You’ve always been a big influence, can’t wait to see you again.

  • jeff kulas

    Fantastic lesson and thanks for sharing some exercises you can do away from the kit to build up your legs. Those tempos and double bass runs are insane! I have a Roland spd6 to add big drum sounds and a pedal to trigger a tambourine or cow bell along with my snare hits. Again awesome drumeo vid!