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Tommy Igoe is a musician, producer, and educator who's one of the most in-demand drummers today. In 1986, Tommy Igoe’s career really took off when he became an active member of the New York studio scene while simultaneously joining the ranks of Blood, Sweat and Tears as a touring musician. The invaluable experience Tommy Igoe acquired during those years helped cement his name in the New York studio scene for the following years. He quickly became a sought-after studio drummer, playing for various commercials, records and subbing for pit drummers in Broadway shows. Tommy Igoe also got the opportunity to gig with great artists like New York Voices, Stanley Jordan, Art Garfunkel and Dave Grusin. In 1997, Tommy joined The Lion King Broadway show and wrote the drum book which gave him the opportunity to develop work as an associate conductor. Tommy has also played on three Grammy award-winning recordings and was voted the World's #1 Jazz Drummer in the 2014 Modern Drummer Reader's Poll.

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