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Get detailed song breakdowns and play-along tools for 2000+ of the most iconic drum songs of all time.



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Choose the perfect song for your skill level, with 2000+ expertly transcribed drumming anthems to bash along with.


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50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Paul Simon

Good Times Bad Times
Led Zeppelin

Ain’t No Sunshine
Bill Withers

The best part about
playing the drums.

Handy playalong tools make it easier than ever
to play the songs you love and nail every part.

Find the perfect tempo.

Slow down or speed up any section of a song to hear every note your favorite drummer plays. When you’ve nailed the part, bump the tempo back up and rock out in real time.

Loop the trouble spots.

No more pausing and rewinding when you mess up that fill. Simply grab the section of the song and loop it over, and over, and over until you’ve got it down.

Counting just got easier.

Add or remove the metronome to help you count out the beats in a bar. This makes learning songs of all levels easier -- even that odd-time Rush song!

Take your charts anywhere.

Downloadable pdf files let you take sheet music of your favorite songs anywhere -- to the gig, rehearsal with the band, or back to the practice space.

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Load up DrumeoSONGS on your phone during practice time, your laptop when you’re behind the kit, and your tablet at the gig -- wherever the music takes you!

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Step-By-Step Curriculum

Stop wasting your practice time on random drum lessons. With an exclusive curriculum featuring the best teachers in the world, you’ll always know what to work on for maximum results. 10-level drum curriculum
230+ courses from drum legends
All skill levels, topics, and styles

2000+ Songs & Practice Tools

Nothing is better than playing real music! You’ll love our songs area - including full transcriptions, audio loops, and practice tools for music by popular bands of all eras and styles. 2000+ play-along songs
Full transcriptions & practice tools
Practice anytime on any device

Motivation & Support

Your favorite drummers have never been closer! You’ll get weekly live events and personal feedback with drum legends -- sharing their best advice and guiding your drumming journey. Connect with your drum heroes
10+ live events every week
Personal feedback & video reviews

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Drumeo Edge
Step-by-step drum lessons from the best drummers in the world.



Drumeo QuietPad
The portable, double-sided practice pad with one traditional side and one quiet side.

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Drumeo Drumsticks
Drumeo 5A Drumsticks by Vater -- made with hickory and extra moisture to last longer.

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Rock Drumming Masterclass
Todd Sucherman’s 26-week masterclass to help you improve your rock drumming.

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Drum Technique Made Easy
Bruce Becker’s 26-week masterclass to improve your hand & foot technique.

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Independence Made Easy
Jared Falk’s 26-week masterclass to unlock your musicality and freedom on the drums.

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Electrify Your Drumming
Your guide to playing 10 styles of electronic dance music - includes 23 play-alongs!

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Better Drum Fills
The ultimate four-week crash course to playing more creative & musical drum fills.

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Learn Songs Faster
This masterclass will give you proven techniques for learning MORE songs in less time.

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Successful Drumming
Jared Falk’s step-by-step curriculum for building a rock-solid foundation on the drums.

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Drumming System
An encyclopedia of drum lessons covering every style & topic drummers need to know.

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