Launch Contest: Win A Free Snare Drum

Grand Prize

2017 Drumeo Limited
Edition Snare Drum

  • Made by world famous drumsmith, Ronn Dunnett
  • 12 ply shell made from rare Australian hardwood
  • Top of the line hardware, selected by Ronn Dunnett
  • Personally tested by Jared Falk
  • Limited Edition: Only 25 made worldwide
  • PLUS: Free Drumeo T-Shirt
  • PLUS: Free Drumeo Drumsticks

The Drumeo Podcast is here! And we're celebrating by giving away one of the 2017 Drumeo Limited Edition Snare Drums. Just follow the three simple steps below for your chance to win.


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The contest closes on October 31st at midnight. The winner will be selected randomly and will be required to submit proof of their honest review being completed before the contest closes in order to validate their eligibility for the prize.

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