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Rock Beats & Fills

Note: If you are a Drumeo Edge member these lessons are already in your account.

4 Drumeo Edge Courses Take your rock drumming to the next level with foundational courses on beats & fills, plus beginner courses on independence and linear drumming!

6 Full-Length Lessons You'll not only add a bunch of drum beats and fills to your arsenal, but you'll also learn how to develop new patterns on your own!

3 Play-Along Songs Apply your new skills to real music, with three exclusive play-along songs. Watch a demonstration, and then try it yourself (with or without click).


  • Rock Drum Fills - Jared Falk (5 Lessons, 0:57:21)
  • Rock Drum Beats - Jared Falk (5 Lessons, 0:36:29)
  • Beginner Linear Drumming - Issah Contractor (5 Lessons, 0:56:01)
  • Building Basic Independence - Jay Deachman (5 Lessons, 1:12:12)


  • 5 Steps To Develop New Fills - Adam Tuminaro (0:44:13)
  • Kick Your Fills Up A Notch - Aaron Edgar (1:05:19)
  • Rock Drumming 101 - Dave Atkinson (0:46:00)
  • Famous Drum Fills - Jay Deachman (0:50:00)
  • Mandatory Rock Fills - Aaron Edgar (1:17:00)
  • Adding Texture To Your Grooves - Issah Contractor (0:56:10)


  • Highway To Rock
  • Mr. Groovy Sticks
  • Vancouver Pops