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4 Drumeo Edge Courses Groove is king. And this is your opportunity to study with some of the best drummers in the world to help you build & refine your groove.

4 Full-Length Lessons Explore groove in a whole new way with a variety of groove-related lessons that will push your drumming to the next level.

2 Play-Along Songs Apply your new skills to real music, with two exclusive play-along songs. Watch a demonstration, and then try it yourself (with or without click).


  • Refining Your Groove - Jimmy Rainsford (7 Lessons, 0:54:30)
  • Mastering Time And Groove Using A Metronome - Jost Nickel (6 Lessons, 0:47:31)
  • Building Groove - John Blackwell (5 Lessons, 1:23:00)
  • The Grooves Of Chicago - Danny Seraphine (5 Lessons, 0:56:57)


  • 4 Simple Tips For Better Groove - Dave Atkinson (0:49:17)
  • The Groove Builder & Hybrid Drumming - Larnell Lewis (1:04:54)
  • Making Your Chops Groove - Issah Contractor (0:57:58)
  • Simplifying Your Groove To Your Comfort Zone - Jerry Adolphe (0:54:26)


  • Sunday Morning Drummin
  • Drumadiddley