Easy Drum Tuning Drumtacs are the easiest way to adjust your sound quickly. They're releasable, reusable, and refined sound control pads.

Use On Any Surface Try them on your cymbals if they wash too much, take the 'cut' off the cowbell, or get rid of unwanted overtones on your snare or toms.

Add Or Remove Anytime Since Drumtacs don't use adhesive, you can add or remove them with ease - and there will be no sticky residue left behind.

Technical Specs

Quantity 4 Per Pack
Weight 0.8 ounces
Shipping Worldwide

Key Features

  • More than a dampener, a single tac placed about an inch from the rim of your drums will remove only the high-frequency overtone and leave a deeper sound with improved response and increased attack.
  • Tame problem-drums with a nasty buzz sound or ringing by trying two Drumtacs, one on the batter head and one on the resonant (bottom) head.
  • Total cymbal control - a single tac on the underside of a cymbal near the dome will darken and mellow the sound. Or try it on the edge to dampen the sound. Or even try in-between for endless options!