10 FREE GIFTS WORTH $1445.95

10 FREE GIFTS WORTH $1445.95

Improve your drumming anywhere & anytime. (+ get 10 FREE bonuses)

It’s a drummer’s paradise.

The Ultimate Lessons Bundle includes access to unlimited drum lessons -- PLUS, you’ll get an ultra-quiet practice pad and sticks that let you run rudiments & stickings late into the night without disturbing anyone.

You’ll get 10 FREE bonuses in total (valued at $1445.95) -- including Drumeo’s most popular training packs.

Scroll down to see everything included in the Ultimate Lessons Bundle and get ready for your best year on the drums yet.

Say hello to your free bonuses:
All digital bonuses are added to your account instantly with your membership to Drumeo Edge, and they’re yours forever.

Drumeo Edge Annual Membership - $240/yr
Get better, faster with Drumeo’s award-winning online drum lessons taught by the world’s greatest drummers. You’ll always know what to practice with step-by-step lessons, 2000+ note-for-note song breakdowns, hundreds of drum-less playalongs, and ongoing support & motivation from pro drummers.

Drumeo QuietPad - Normally $35

Practice anywhere with two full-size playing surfaces. The QuietPad offers a traditional side with realistic snare-like rebound, and a quiet side that’ll allow you to practice late into the night.

Drumeo Drumsticks - Normally $12.95

The Drumeo 5A Drumsticks by Vater -- made of hickory for strength and durability, featuring up to 2X the moisture content than most manufacturers for longer-lasting sticks, and personally hand-rolled by Alan Vater to ensure they’re weighted and tone-matched to perfection.

Rock Drumming Masterclass - Normally $197

Rock icon Todd Sucherman is your personal drum coach with a 26-week online course to rapidly improve your rock drumming. You’ll get weekly video lessons and exercises to improve your beats, fills, creativity, solos, bass drum combinations, hand technique, shuffles & variations, musicality, and more.

Drum Technique Made Easy - Normally $197

Technique guru Bruce Becker delivers an intimate 26-week course where you’ll get his proven process for improving your hand technique and foot technique so you can develop more speed and control around the kit -- all while preventing injuries & enjoying the music.

Independence Made Easy - Normally $197

Freedom starts here. Jared Falk’s 26-week course was built to unlock all four limbs so you can play more musical grooves, better sounding fills, and finally achieve the musical freedom that allows you to play whatever you want, whenever you want.

Electrify Your Drumming - Normally $197

Electrify Your Drumming will teach you the tools and styles of electronic dance music -- so you can build energy with risers, lock in with the vocals, add power to your beats and fills, create a climax in the music, and ultimately fuel any song with your playing -- giving you valuable skills that will apply to every style of music.

Successful Drumming - Normally $247

Jared Falk’s step-by-step curriculum for building a rock-solid foundation on the drums. This digital training pack includes 18 hours of video lessons and a 274-page workbook -- helping you lock in with other musicians, prepare for gigs, and set yourself up for a successful experience on the drums.

Drumming System - Normally $247

Mike Michalkow’s encyclopedia of online video lessons -- our best-selling online training pack with more than 30 hours of videos on nearly every drumming topic you can imagine including playing by ear, hand technique, foot technique drum rudiments, drum fills, building speed, soloing -- along with 100 play-alongs.

Better Drum Fills - Normally $97

The ultimate crash course to playing more creative and more musical drum fills your audience will love. Rather than memorizing and playing the same fills over and over again, you’ll gain the skills you need to create effective drum fills on the fly and adapt them to any musical setting.

Learn Songs Faster - Normally $19

A 75-minute masterclass with Jared Falk & Dave Atkinson to help you learn MORE songs in less time -- from active listening that’ll help you hear phrasing and understand song structure, to building effective grooves and fills, and keeping time so your playing always matches the music.

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