The Ultimate Gift Bundle

Drumeo Edge One-Year Access Pass - $197
Easily redeemable online, anytime, this access pass will give you a full year of access to Drumeo Edge, our award-winning online drum lessons experience -- with 200+ step-by-step courses from the best drummers in the world, on-demand song breakdowns and play-alongs, and personalized video reviews and lesson plans to help you reach your drumming goals.

The P4 Practice Pad - Normally $79 *FREE BONUS*
The most versatile practice pad in the world. The P4 Practice Pad includes four different playing surfaces on three different levels. Pat Petrillo designed it to simulate the movement around the drums, so you’ll go beyond improving your patterns and speed to also developing consistency and accuracy with your playing.

Drumeo Drumsticks - Normally $12.95 *FREE BONUS*
The Vic Firth Drumeo Signature Drumsticks are made of hickory wood and sized like an American Classic 55A - which is right between the diameter of a 5A and 5B. These are the very same drumsticks used by Jared Falk and many of our other instructors every day.

Drumtacs - Normally $19.99 *FREE BONUS*
Drumtacs are the easiest way to adjust your sound quickly. They're releasable, reusable, and refined sound control pads that you can place on your drumheads to remove unwanted overtones OR on your cymbals to mellow out the sound.