Improve your rudiments & stickings on the fly.

What's included:

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Run your rudiments anytime day or night & develop silky-smooth hands on the kit.

The Practice Anywhere Bundle includes the P4 Practice Pad – the only practice pad that simulates the feels of a REAL drum set – fresh drumsticks, and the all NEW Drumeo Rudiments poster.

You’ll have everything you need to improve your hands around the drums.

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The P4 Practice Pad - Normally $79

The P4 Practice Pad is the most versatile practice pad in the world -- with four different playing surfaces to replicate different parts of the drum set. When you’re running rudiments & stickings at the pad, you’re still getting the various feels of your drum set.
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Vater Drumeo 5A Drumsticks - Normally $12.95

Our new Drumeo 5A Drumsticks by Vater -- made of hickory for strength and durability, featuring up to 2X the moisture content than most manufacturers for longer lasting sticks, and personally hand-rolled by Alan Vater to ensure they’re weighted and tone-matched to perfection.
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Drumeo Rudiment Poster - Normally $7
Learn the ABC’s of drumming with Drumeo’s first-ever rudiment poster. This is your easy-to-reference guide for all your singles, doubles, flams, and more. You’ll see clear notation for every rudiment so you can develop silky-smooth hands on the kit.