The Legendary Lessons Bundle

Successful Drumming - Normally $247 *FREE BONUS*
Jared Falk’s curriculum for building a rock solid foundation on the drums. Successful Drumming includes 18 hours of videos meticulously organized so you’ll start with the very first lesson and progress with a step-by-step approach with sections titled "The Foundation, The Techniques, The Grooves, The Breakdown, The Bassist The Band, The Shows, The Music, and The Lifestyle".

Drumming System - Normally $247 *FREE BONUS*
Mike Michalkow’s encyclopedia of drum lessons. The Drumming System includes more than 30 hours of videos on every topic you’ll ever want to learn -- hand technique, bass drum technique, beats and fills, rudiments, practice routines, tuning and setup, odd-time signatures, live gigs, studio drumming, and much more. You’ll also get 100 play-along songs and 5 accompanying PDF workbooks.

Benny Greb: The Language Of Drumming - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Benny Greb’s system for musical expression -- featuring over three hours of online video lessons to help you express your ideas on the drums.

Neil Peart: Anatomy Of A Drum Solo - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Neil Peart breaks down his approach to drum soloing -- with more than three hours of online video to improve your rhythm and improvisation.

Thomas Lang: Creative Control - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Thomas Lang’s innovative system for developing technique so you can play more effectively in any style of music. Includes more than four hours of video.

Mike Mangini: The Grid - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Mike Mangini’s system for creative drumming and improvisation -- including more than three hours of online video for expanding your skills.

Tommy Igoe: Great Hands For A Lifetime - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Tommy Igoe helps you improve your hand strength, speed, stamina, comfort, and control in the drums in four hours of video lessons.

Aaron Spears: Beyond The Chops - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
A three-hour masterclass experience showcasing Aaron Spears’ phenomenal drumming through performances, educational segments, and interviews.

Mike Portnoy: In Constant Motion - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Seven hours of instruction, live and studio performances, and insights into Mike Portnoy’s various drumming projects.

Pat Petrillo: Hands Grooves & Fills - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Pat Petrillo’s curriculum for developing technique, groove ideas, and a drum fill vocabulary -- with three hours of video lessons and a 52-page workbook.

Todd Sucherman: Methods & Mechanics - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
Todd Sucherman’s award-winning Methods & Mechanics lessons, delivering solos and playing examples in an array of styles as well as technical lessons to enhance your rhythmic and musical vocabulary.