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The Beginner Drummer Bundle

Drumeo Edge Annual Membership - $197/yr
Start your annual membership to our award-winning online drum lessons experience -- with 150+ step-by-step courses from the best drummers in the world, on-demand song breakdowns and play-alongs, and personalized video reviews and lesson plans to help you reach your drumming goals.

The P4 Practice Pad - Normally $79 *FREE BONUS*
The most versatile practice pad in the world. The P4 Practice Pad includes four different playing surfaces on three different levels. Pat Petrillo designed it to simulate the movement around the drums, so you’ll go beyond improving your patterns and speed to also developing consistency and accuracy with your playing.

The Best Beginner Drum Book - Normally $29.99 *FREE BONUS*
We wanted to give beginner drummers a more useful guide to getting started on the drums - so we’ve created a massive 210 page, full-color book that covers all of the essentials: setting up your drums, holding your drum sticks, essential rudiments, must-know techniques, learning ANY musical style, maximizing your practice time, note values and drum notation, rock drum beats and fills, developing freedom on the drums, and more!

Drumming System - Normally $247 *FREE BONUS*
Mike Michalkow’s encyclopedia of drum lessons. The Drumming System includes more than 30 hours of videos on every topic you’ll ever want to learn -- hand technique, bass drum technique, beats and fills, rudiments, practice routines, tuning and setup, odd-time signatures, live gigs, studio drumming, and much more. You’ll also get 100 play-along songs and 5 accompanying PDF workbooks.

Successful Drumming - Normally $247 *FREE BONUS*
Jared Falk’s curriculum for building a rock solid foundation on the drums. Successful Drumming includes 18 hours of videos meticulously organized so you’ll start with the very first lesson and progress with a step-by-step approach with sections titled “The Foundation, The Techniques, The Grooves, The Breakdown, The Bassist The Band, The Shows, The Music, and The Lifestyle.