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How To Tell A Good Drummer From A Bad Drummer

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To become a good drummer you have to go beyond your technical skills on the drum kit. If you only focus on playing the drum parts you want to play and/or the more technical ones, you’re doing it wrong. In this lesson, Brandon Khoo will teach you what your general thought process should be behind sculpting a great drum part for any song. This is what separates a novice drummer from a professional drummer.

And remember… This doesn’t mean to always keep things simple. If you think the music calls for you to chop out – go for it! Your number one goal should be to compliment the music while also leaving room for the other instruments when need be.

Click here to watch Brandon Khoo’s full Drumeo lesson on “Drum Fills That Make You Sound Musical”.

Dali Mraz: How To Be A Composer And Not Just A Drummer

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As drummers, our end goal is playing and making music with other musicians… So how do we break away from being “just the drummer”? In this lesson, Dali Mraz will teach you how to approach songs from a more melodic perspective rather than a percussive one. This includes being more sensitive to the other instruments, learning when to add embellishments without taking away from the main melody, and other tips to help you be more hands-on in the writing process.

Lesson Index:
0:18 – SONG: “32nd Notes To Mraz”
3:50 – Introduction
6:27 – Why should drummers care about becoming a composer?
10:07 – How to become more of a composer
22:37 – How to approach a song you’ve never played before
28:30 – SONG: “Poland Madness”
32:11 – How important is technique?
37:15 – Recap and closing thoughts
47:12 – Jared makes a special appearance
49:30 – SONG: “21st Day”
53:14 – SONG: “Trip To G”

Dali Plays:
DW Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Remo Drumheads
Vic Firth Sticks

How To Play Sting’s “7 Days” Drum Beat

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Vinnie Colaiuta’s playing in Sting’s “7 Days” is a workshop on how to make odd times sound more like 4/4 time. In this lesson, Gabor Dornyei is going to break down this groove methodically so you can learn to play it exactly like in the recording – besides teaching you a few, amazing variations that will further develop your ability to play, feel, and be more creative in 5/4. Let’s break this puppy down.

Let’s start with a basic 5/4 groove just so you can get comfortable with playing in this time signature. Once you have that down, accent every second hi-hat note. This will offer a bit of a challenge since the accents don’t always line up with the snare drum like they would in a normal 4/4 beat. Throw some extra kick drums in and you’re well on your way!

Next, we’re going to turn our hi-hat pattern into eighth notes. Let’s strip back what we’ve just learned so we can focus solely on this, then slowly re-introduce the kick drum pattern and hi-hat accents back in!

And that’s the main groove! Now that we have that down, let’s add some extra flavors that Vinnie plays on the recording. First, let’s try opening our hi-hat on every accented note and leaving the following eighth note out. Try playing it the other way around, too. Notice how the two bars are simply switched between the following two grooves.

The next example is a shuffle beat that Vinnie plays over on the ride or splash cymbal as a build up towards the choruses. Since we’re in 5/4, the hi-hat notes are going to end up in places you’re most likely not used to. This is quite advanced, so don’t be discouraged if this takes a little while to get down.

As a final challenge… Let’s add some accents on the bell and keep the hi-hat going with our foot on counts two and four (then counts one, three, and five on the second bar).

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Rodney Holmes: Adding Personality To Your Drum Grooves

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Rodney Holmes’ technical prowess coupled with his love for playing out-of-the-box have made him one of the best drummers to learn from when it comes to creative drumming. If this is something you’ve been struggling with, this is definitely the lesson for you!

Rodney has worked with some of the most talented and respected musicians in the rock and jazz world such as Santana, Steve Lukather, Michael Brecker, and many others.

Dig the ride cymbal Rodney’s using? It’s his signature 22″ Meinl Byzance Spectrum Ride – and you can click here to enter and win it! Oh, and it’s signed!

Lesson Index:
0:22 – SONG: “Ghost” by Rodney Holmes
5:24 – Introduction
14:00 – Developing your personality
19:04 – Spicing up grooves
30:58 – Recommendations for younger drummers
38:48 – SONG: “Electric Wildlife” by Rodney Holmes
45:15 – Q & A!
54:20 – Drum Solo

Rodney Plays:
Tama Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Evans Drumheads
Vater Sticks



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