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Gábor Dörnyei – Percussive Drumming And Independence

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Gábor Dörnyei is a talented musician who is currently a faculty member at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London and the drummer for the group Thunder Duo. Gábor’s wide range of talent has scored him sharing the stage with top players such as Jojo Mayer, Billy Cobham, Gavin Harrison, Ian Paice, Steve Smith, Chris Coleman, and was even hand picked to tour the world with the sensational LONDON PRODUCTION Michael Jackson – Thriller.

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Video Index:
00:13 – “Stream” by the Gábor Dörnyei Quartet
5:50 – Introduction
11:24 – Drum Lesson
47:25 – “One Night In Tunesia” by the Gábor Dörnyei Quartet
55:02 – Q & A
1:08:46 – “101 Shuffle” by the Dave Weckl Band

Gábor Plays:
Pearl Drums: www.pearldrum.com
Zildjian Cymbals: www.zildjian.com
Remo Drumheads: www.remo.com
Vic Firth Sticks: www.vicfirth.com

Follow Gábor:
Website: www.gabordornyei.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DornyeiDrums
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gabordornyei

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  • Tassy

    Hi Gábor
    You are the first Hugarian I meet on Jared site I joined 10 years ago
    Congrats on your drumming, the idea that drummers should not be only loud and fast as hell, but musical, and on your great knowledge of English:) that is also an exception you have and master.
    Örülök hogy itt ismerhetelek meg. Rengeteget tanultam Jaredtől kezve attól hogy nem a dobokat kell ráncigálni amikor felrakom a szetet hanem a két pedált letenni kénylmesen és hozáépíteni a szettet. Imádom az ilyen gondolkodást.
    Sok sikert
    Tassy Sándor

  • Joshuasagraves

    That latin segment was sick!

  • Paul Levier

    Hi Gábor, every time I think I’ve witnessed on Drumeo the best drumming performance by the best drummer in the world, someone else comes along and impresses me beyond belief. I believe you must have hit every item on your kit, and, not once did you look to see where that item was situated, obviously you know your kit, but fantastic to watch all the same. Thank you for the intricate clinic, it just means I need to live for a further 100 years to be half as good as you! Bravo!

  • J. Short

    Well, I guess I’ll go slash my wrists.The ability to ride with either hand is amazing.

  • geoffmasondrums

    Right off the top my favourite part was that he’s totally fluid leading with either hand!

  • John Westover

    Amazing independence with both hands and both feet. Makes me even more motivated to practice, practice and practice. Thanks so much, awesome lesson.

  • roscoe scipot

    Inspiration on steroids…..! ! ! Thanks.